Subdual Mode

Activating subdual mode can be done by typing "-subdual on" without quotes. Activating this mode entails a number of changes to combat.

In Subdual Mode, a character purposefully inflicts less damage for a possibility to floor or knock out an opponent for a brief time.

Deactivating Subdual Mode can be done by typing "-subdual off" without quotes, and the current state of Subdual Mode can be retrieved by typing "-subdual" without quotes.

Subdual Mode can be very important for certain organized contests and tournaments, enabling judges to fairly assess the more skilled combatant even as they restrain themselves.

Subdual Mode Summary
  • Creatures using Subdual Mode will now inflict 1/5 of physical damage after all immunities and damage reduction sources are applied.
  • Creatures using Subdual Mode will no longer inflict sneak attack or death attack damage dice.
  • Creatures using Subdual Mode who confirm a critical hit will now attempt to Subdue their opponent by making a Subdual Severity roll.
  • Subdual Severity works the same way as Critical Hit Severity, accounting for all bonuses from armor, monk fighting styles, expertise mode, and so on.
    • Attacks that would have received sneak attack or death attack dice instead receive a +5 bonus to their Subdual Severity roll.
    • Using a bludgeoning weapon will add +5 to the Subdual Severity roll.
    • Using a merciful weapon will add +5 to your Subdual Severity roll.
  • A successful critical hit while using Subdual Mode will knock down and stun your opponent for up to 6 rounds.




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