The Knights of Noromath server is a hardcore virtual tabletop dedicated to adapting classic Forgotten Realms source material for enjoyment in the Neverwinter Nights: EE game. Our love of traditional pen and paper AD&D guides us as we embark upon a creative quest to place our players in the spotlight in one of those most densely written about areas of the campaign, the Lands of Intrigue. Encompassing suspense and conflicts centered around political struggles of Tethyr, the threats from always-encroaching Amn, and treasures and culture from nearby Calimshan, the Lands of Intrigue have much to offer players exploring any role in the setting.

The constantly burdened rural countryside of Tethyr is a fertile ground for challenging clashes with classic Forgotten Realms foes. The advantage of arcane magic is costly and regulated heavily in nearby Amn. Farms are darkened by the hellish shapes of impossibly large shadows as dragons survey the lands from above. Knights form their own bands to try and bring stability to the land and even lay claim to estates.

Playing on our server will provide a very challenging and extremely rich experience to those who invest in their characters and their stories. Failure and demise are natural consequences at any credible tabletop and ours is no exception.

Welcome to the Knights of Noromath.