Server Rules

This page is intended to summarize the server rules for the Knights of Noromath. We value a game that has both high integrity and high stakes. These server rules are intended to foster an environment with lots of freedom where player actions and creativity have the greatest possible impact at changing the course of the campaign narrative.

Table of Contents:
1. Starting Out
2. Player Versus Player Encounters
3. Profanity
4. Sexual/Social Roleplay
5. Permadeath
6. Attacking Non-Hostile NPCs
7. Character Modifications
8. Item Transfer/Muling
9. Metagaming
10. Exploitation

1. Starting Out
So, you're brand new to the Knights of Noromath, a campaign straight out of the Lands of Intrigue boxed set. How exciting! You get to play D&D on your computer. These are the things you really need to know when you're starting out, and this is what we expect of our campaign participants.

Remain In Character at all times. There should never be OOC banter using "//" or party chat. OOC while roleplaying tends to play out like a cell phone ringing in a movie theater during a movie. Please avoid it!
Use Those Writing Skills. This pertains especially to properly capitalizing your character name, spelling words correctly in disguise-names, and using punctuation.
When your character levels up in a class, that represents an informed and deliberate choice. You cannot play a warlock, pale master, blackguard, or similar class that is somehow unaware of their skills or decision to obtain those skills.
There Are No Rollbacks on the Knights of Noromath. At no point in time will roleplay be reversed for any reason. The ship has sailed, as the saying goes.
Be Respectful of the DM Staff and your fellow players. Make suggestions once. Use the feedback forms provided. Be courteous. You're a guest at our virtual table, so please act accordingly.
Do not be disruptive.
Accept Consequences for your in-character actions, or lack thereof. If you become a Baron of Brost and stop playing, it is to the detriment to the rest of the narrative, and for this reason, we will do what we must to keep things going.
Take This Seriously. Joke names or logins, racist or other offensive expressions are not welcome. Don't bring them to our discord chat or into the server play, or you will be kicked or banned according to the DM's discretion.
No OOC. Leave OOC out of our game. If you've been banned from discord for disrupting the course of play, absolutely do not appeal to random players on the server. We have a player president elected to handle such appeals, and you're only succeeding in disrupting the game for rule-abiding players.
If you are a DM, admin or other staff member on another server. For the love of god, stay away. Work on your own project and devote time to your own players. It's not fair to them that you spend even a second with us. Taking a tour of our server for any reason will be construed as espionage regardless of intentions and will be met by the calculated application of fire. (Read: Unceremonious removal)
Character Forfeiture. We definitely understand that life can get in the way of playing NWN; you might have school or work or family obligations that prevent you from continuing your story with us. If you can give us the courtesy of notifying us of such circumstances, we can usually find a creative way to accommodate the absence of your character. If you just disappear on us, we will assume your character is gone, too.

If you can get on board with these simple principles, there will be endless adventures and dynamics the likes of which you've never seen in NWN before.

2. Player Versus Player Encounters
A PVP involves two or more players doing battle with each other for any duration, whether the encounter is fatal or not.

The following behaviors in a PVP Encounter are considered to be fair game:

  • Looting dropped gold and items is allowed
  • Disarming an opponent of weaponry is allowed
  • Attacking another player without Out-Of-Character Consent is allowed
  • Moving a player's body to a hidden location is allowed

The following behaviors in a PVP Encounter are considered to be in poor taste and may result in punitive actions:

  • Attacking an AFK character
  • Attacking others in front of NPCs
  • Ping-pong or repeated killings of the same player
  • Any form of exploit in PVP
  • OOC threats

Stick to things which are supported and everything will be fine, aka the "No Beheadings" ruling. If we wanted players to be able to behead each other, we would employ a script or system to such effect.

3. Profanity
Profanity is not allowed on the Knights of Noromath, and the use of any real-world slurs is forbidden. Be creative with your profane language and you will please the dark gods. Use words that are considered hate speech and we'll provide you with a permanent CD-Key ban. Also, avoid sexual themes with your language. It shows a lack of creativity to use modern sexual innuendo or expressions.

4. Sexual/Social Roleplay
Romantic role play on the Knights of Noromath must be kept PG-13. This is not a "social" server where sexual acts are to be portrayed, ever, at any time. Although, romance is a key element in many intrigues and the relationships that form between characters often have a great impact on their stories. Those determined to be "cybering" or conducting social or erotic roleplay will be provided with a permanent CD-Key ban. It is against our server culture which fosters a family environment so if you insist on overly sexual themes, this server is not for you.

5. Persistent Death
Persistent Death happens when a player has died and may no longer resurrect themselves via their own willpower (ie. the PC is above level 10). However, their corpse item still exists in-game and may be raised by someone else. It may be buried in a celebrated location or a secret one. Through player efforts, it is always possible to recover the remains of dead players and bring them back - if the magic to do so is powerful enough. A villain may be interred in the vault of a well-defended keep, meaning that manpower may be called for in addition to the favor of the gods.

6. Attacking Non-Hostile NPCs
Attacking Non-Hostile NPCs falls into two categories, doing so with a DM present, or not. While not prohibited, attacking and killing NPCs without DM supervision is done in poor taste. There will likely be consequences, especially if your fellow players are investigating the deed. However, that is not to say that current intrigues do not justify the action, so it is preferred that a player with such designs contact a DM in order to portray the appropriate reaction on the part of the attacked NPCs.

7. Character Modifications
Re-leveling: Generally speaking, the DMs of the Knights of Noromath server will allow you to re-take your last level without any hassle. We will simply remove 1000 XP and give you 1000 XP back. Other re-leveling requests are entirely at the DM's discretion.
Alignment Changes: The DMs of Knights of Noromath server will allow you to make alignment changes as dictated by your desires for your character without any hassle. However, we reserve the right to adjust your alignment according to the actions of your character.
Changing Deity: You can change your deity in game by locating a shrine to the god you wish to convert to. This is done at the cost of experience points equal to half the current level.
No "Remakes": For technical reasons, characters are not going to be remade from scratch.
Head/Appearance Changes: These modifications are accessible in the Character Customization Room and require no permission to use.
Item Modification: We allow item appearance modification without any cost to player characters.

8. Item Transfer/Muling
"Muling" items from one character to another on the Knights of Noromath is prohibited. Any item your character interacts with will be flagged with that character's name and your CD Key. Do not pick up, buy, or sell items you handled with another character.

9. Metagaming
Metagaming is prohibited on the Knights of Noromath server. This refers to efforts to obtain OOC information about other characters and or using this information for an unfair advantage. Please enjoy our server with integrity and communicate with the Player President if you have concerns.
One Faction at a time: In keeping with our standards for a high integrity campaign, we ask that a player with multiple characters does not enroll in more than one barony or player faction.

10. Exploitation
Any activity that compromises the integrity of our campaign will result in swift administrative action and banning. Exploits are expected to be reported in our secure bug reporting form, here. If you teach others ways to exploit the game or take advantage of any vulnerability that gives you more gold or EXP than it should, you're done on the Knights of Noromath.

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