Dungeon Masters

Purpose of the Dungeon Masters

The Knights of Noromath server plot is executed by a team of Dungeon Masters that rotate in and out of the role based on availability. The server plot is an extensive document covering milestone events that take place in the Lands of Intrigue, the Swordbelt, and in Forgotten Realms history. The plot does not take the exact form or shape of events as written for the setting past the year 1368 in Forgotten Realms lore, and is influenced and modified by player actions, so there is no advantage of reading lore from later editions to stay ahead of it.

The server plot line is not designed to override the nature of Brost County, or how players choose to manage themselves or tell their stories. It is designed to encourage intrigue, shape events, and present new and interesting challenges to the status quo dynamics. The primary role of the Dungeon Masters are to present these changes and react as the world to create a living, breathing atmosphere for the setting. The secondary role of the Dungeon Masters are to help players tell their story and show how it shapes the overall landscape of the server, the server plot, and sometimes the landscape itself.

When interacting with a Dungeon Master or the DM Team, keep in mind that they are devoting their free time to the server and are not customer service representatives from a faceless corporation. Abusing or holding a DM to unrealistic expectations will be treated as inappropriate behavior and dealt with appropriately. Please treat your DMs with respect, and they will treat you with respect.

The DM Team

The Dungeon Master Team is ran as a semi-flat organization of peers, with Spectre having final say on most matters where necessary. Other members of the DM Team include:




Requirements for Applying to be a DM

  • Must have been a player on the server for more than 12 months, continuously
  • Must embody all KON Core Values
  • Must have a clean record with no infractions, exploits, rule-breeches, or other unscrupulous activities
  • Must work well in a team environment
  • Must be able to communicate honestly and effectively
  • Must be willing to preserve the anonymity of their peers if required
  • Must be willing to NPC or kill off their current character
  • Must display clear separation from character and self
  • Lots of free time

Topics Appropriate to Discuss with a DM:

  • Needing help with a character concept
  • Needing help with how to use a server system
  • A character's backstory and how that might interact with the setting
  • A perceived trouble with an in character development
  • A perceived lack of notice for in character actions

Topics Inappropriate to Discuss with a DM:

  • A perceived issue/problem with a member of the DM Team
  • A perceived rule breach involving yourself or another player
  • A Discord Ban - What is the length, term, and reason why
  • A Server Ban - What is the length, term, and reason why

Appropriate Ways to Get the Attention of a DM:

  • Sending a message to the Dungeon Master channel while in-game
  • Sending a message to a Dungeon Master on Discord

Inappropriate Ways to Get the Attention of a DM:

  • Sending a message to the Dungeon Master channel while in-game, then logging off
  • Spamming messages to the Dungeon Master channel while in-game
  • Spamming messages to a Dungeon Master on Discord

Dungeon Master Oath

I, (insert name here), hereby state that as a DM on Knights of Noromath, I will attempt to maintain a constant devotion to professionalism, quality, intrigue, and the promotion of role play as a whole.

While responding to anything in an official capacity, I will strive to be as professional as possible. I will avoid giving vague or sarcastic responses. My messages will be clear, straight to the point, and attempt to avoid finger-pointing unless absolutely necessary. If I am unable to maintain that demeanor, I will inform another DM or the Player President, and leave the burden of responding to them. I recognize that some issues will require a team decision as to how to proceed and as a DM I will abide and enforce whatever decision the team makes.

As a DM, I recognize that players perceive my actions differently while I am a DM. If I choose to play as a player character, my actions will be designed to set an example, encourage participation in DM Plots, or otherwise serve a plot purpose for the server that cannot be achieved while on the DM client. I will completely avoid exploitation of any DM knowledge, tools, or powers to further my character or a faction's positions and will keep the rest of the DM team apprised of my actions made as a player. If in disguise as a player, I will retain my professional attitude and realize I am subject to all of the same rules and punishments as any other player would be, including having my DM status placed on probation or revoked entirely. I realize that choosing to play a character on the server alongside others means that my actions are expected to serve the overall story, and my character will be the first one to be made an example of or sacrificed for that purpose.

I understand that as a DM, I will be a paragon of the server and the player base will look up to me for guidance and vision. As such, I will maintain my professional attitude when speaking to players, answering questions, or handling requests. I will maintain my professional attitude regardless of whether I am giving a warning about a potential exploit, or providing an in character reward for a player's efforts. I will never talk down to a player, regardless of what they were doing, and always give them the benefit of the doubt if they are unaware of a rule or exploit. I will be aware that while I may enjoy a certain character or player's RP, I will not become the patron of that singular person and will strive to make sure that my attention is spread across the server. I understand I am expected to log my DM actions and use of NPCs so that other DMs may be aware of developments in the module and never be blindsided by my work.

I am aware that DMs on the server are not held to a specific schedule. However, as a DM, I will strive to be online to drive the server forward, answer questions, run quests or small encounters, and generally breathe life into the world as much as I possibly can. If at any time my real life obligations reach the point where it becomes irritating, tedious, or even counter productive to log onto the server, I will place myself on Leave Status until such time as a fulfilling return is possible, or step down for good. The players and I should and will have fun while I am a DM.

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