The Order of the Starry Void

Order Structure

The Order of the Starry Void is an order Serving The Tethyrean Crown and dedicated to Mystra. It is split into two distinct paths that any individual order member may switch between at any time one Extrovert side that deals in contact with the world outside the order and one introvert side that mainly deals with in-house matters and the spiritual development of the individual. The Introverts can be recognized by the hood they wear covering their head and most of their faces.

Hierarchy within the order.

  • The Abbot, Head of the Order sole regent of the affairs of the Order anyone working for the order or apart of the order owes their allegiance to the Abbot who in turn has sworn his allegiance to the Crow and people of Tethyr.
  • Councilor – currently the Order does not count enough members for there to be any need of a formal council however the council would be made up of the leaders of each subset of the Order, that would be the Mystics, the Minstrels the Knights and the Master of Servants.
  • Oath sworn – the Oath sworn members of the Order belong to one of the three branches of the Order The minstrels The Mystics or The Wardens they are either working in an Extrovert capacity or an Introvert capacity although the majority of the Introverts are expected to be Mystics and the majority of the extroverts are expected to be Minstrels with the Wardens taking an even spread between the two. Amongst Oath sworn the Hierarchy is one of Seniority and meritocracy and in the case of two with equal seniority and equal merit the better spellcaster is deferred to (the one who has achieved the higher spell circle).
  • Servants – The servants are those working for the tower, or rent room in the tower, without taking the Oath these have no internal rankings and are all expected to defer to any oath sworn for as long as they remain servants of the Order The servants do have a voice on the council and that is the Master of Servants an oath sworn who has been appointed to manage the Servants of the order.
  • Apprentice – an apprentice who has not taken the oath and is not working for the tower but enjoys the privilege of studying at the tower must defer to any of the ranks of servant or higher these have no standing in the tower hierarchy besides given leave to train in the tower and pay for the privilege.


The Minstrels

The minstrels of the order function as a jack of all trades generally forwarding the interests of the Order and by far has the most relaxed relationship with the duties of the order. the minstrel with the highest seniority in the Order Alexia is well on her way of officially being named a counselor of the order should the member number rise to a number where more formal governance is needed.


The Mystics

The Mystics are by far the most numerous members of the Order and currently, all of them are of the Introvert persuasion most of the Mystics function as librarians and tend the vast stores of knowledge overseen by the Order. The only Mystic of the Order commonly seen adventuring is, in fact, the Abbot himself as he regularly takes patrols of the lands around Brost to see the state of affairs of the county and to make himself available for those looking for enchants or sage advice.

The Wardens

The Wardens of the order are mostly consistent of Mystic fire knights serving the order as temple guards most of these are also currently of the Introvert persuasion that said there is nothing stopping the order to employ eldritch knights or elven blade singers as Wardens of the Order to function in a more extrovert capacity. As the military arm of the Order, the Wardens are expected to focus primarily on defending Order members and actively do missions for the Order. Should no missions be available they are expected to seek out other Order members and assist them or go about their training in order to gain more prowess to better serve the Order.



The Oath

I ______________, By Mystra, Lady of the Weave, swear that I will be true and faithful to The Order of The Starry Void, and love all which Mystra loves and shun all which she shuns, according to the Rules of the Order, the Laws or the land, and the natural order of the Weave.

I recognize that with this oath I am entering service within the Order of the Starry Void and I accept the Authority of the Order hierarchy over my life.

I will accept the rulings of the Council of the Order and faithfully serve those whom I am instructed to serve as I will treat anyone put under my command as trusted aides and allies sent to aid me in the work given to me by my superiors.

Furthermore, I swear that I will make no dealings with Demons or Devils or the agents of such creatures.

I will actively use my knowledge to help the peoples of tether by supporting the laws and agencies of the Crown of Tethyr.

I will never let the Lure of the shadow weave pull me from the true light of Mystra’s love.

Lastly, I will carry the secrets of the Order with me to the end of my existence without sharing them.

By Mystra the one true spell and by all the gods of magic this I do swear with an abandonment of inhibition and open eyes, mindful of the severity of my words.

Rules of the Order

  1. The Abbot is the lifelong ruling member of the Order of the Starry Void.
  2. The Order of the Starry Void acts with all formal authority, rights and responsibilities of a religious order in Tethyr
  3. All Residents of the Tower of Mystra are required to aid in the sharing of Knowledge and Art.
  4. Members are expected and required to adhere to the laws and edicts of the land that they currently reside upon.
  5. Destructive magic is not allowed inside the tower unless under extenuating circumstances, or with the express permission of the Abbot.
  6. The Tower is a sanctuary for discussion and responsible practice of the art. Unlawful assault on the members of either will not be tolerated.
  7. Should any member be found using the Tower for unlawful purposes:
    1.  They shall be stripped of their Tower membership immediately. Such persons shall be considered thieves for taking knowledge or Art and using it incorrectly.
    2.  Any unlawful activity or intent is to be reported to the Abbot and or specially appointed official of the Order, and the proper authorities.
    3.  Any unlawful activity outside Tower grounds must be reported to the proper authorities.
  8. Use of the Shadow Weave is expressly prohibited.
  9. Tribunals:
    1. Anyone has a right to request a tribunal but only a Counselor or the Abbot can decide to have one. A tribunal would consist of at least two-thirds of the Tower and be presided over by the Abbot.
  10. Tower membership for an apprentice who has not taken the oaths is set at Council meetings. At the moment, they consist of 1000 aenar a ten-day,
  11. Members are not free to swear allegiance to anyone that stands against the laws and edicts under which the Order exists.
  12. The internal doors of the Tower must always be locked.


The Order keeps its secrets closely guarded. The punishment for breaking the vow of secrecy taken by all Oath sworn is quite severe and as the member has by taken the oath agreed to place their life and wellbeing in the hands of the order any punishment decided on by the Abbot is justified and true. As the current Abbot is elven one thing can be asserted punishment will likely not involve death and will likely be quite inventive.

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