The Mystics Story

I was born in the year of the blessed shadow or the year four hundred and seventy by dale-reckoning. I have been told it was a clear and cool day on the fourth day of the claw of winter according to the calendar of Harptos. I spent my early years as most elven children do. Once tho that I learned the skill of reading I started to read every book I could find and soon my family decided that I should try out to become an apprentice to the wizards of Evermeet where I was born.

A mere century or so after attaining adulthood I was accepted into the ranks of the High-mages of Evermeet as one of the youngest to ever have attained that honour. The next decade I spent learning the secrets of High-magic from the best arcanists in the Coronals service and by the time I was nearly done with my training as a high-mage I was studying the great mythal in the City of Song. But then the disaster struck, the City of Song came under siege by evil outsiders and goblinoid creatures, and in the most aptly named year, the Year of Doom the city fell and we who survived fled.

Having become separated from most everyone I knew I took up refuge with a small band of survivors going south into the Great undisturbed forest, what is left of it are today named the Wealdath. The small band of elves I became a part of, call themselves the Elmanesse today, and I have served them as consular and Elder for many centuries now. Back in the early days we were angry, shaken and had lost our ways. We blamed the shortlived races for the fall of the city of song. But slowly after some centuries, we started to calm down and think calmly about what had transpired. However there where still forces amongst us who blamed the humans in particular for the loss of the City of Song and the agents of even more nefarious elven organisations spread their poison amongst us, one day I took action against a plot to assassinate the human regents of Tethyr and Amn, sadly I lost and the assassination was carried out regardless. After my loss, I was spirited away by my friends amongst the fey and they nursed me back to health over the next century or so.

When I woke up again I had lost almost all of my former knowledge and skill with the Art and I had a voice in the back of my head telling me that I should leave the deep forest and go live with the humans settled just north of the forest, which I did figuring the accelerated life cycles of the humans would rub off and hasten my relearning of the weave, little did I know how chaotic the life of humans where or how right my assumption would prove to be. Since my exodus from the forest, I have had several friends and almost lost them all due to the turmoil of the county. Since coming to Brost I have learned that the voice in the back of my head urging me to go north into human settlements was Midnight or Mystra as most know her, the Lady of mysteries and the one true spell. I have under her tutelage learned not only about the Art but also about the Power and I now serve the inhabitants of Brost as Abbot of the Tower of Mystra that stand where the forgotten tower stood. I have an arrangement with the Lockwood estate where I serve the Estate as bailiff of the tower of Mystra where I am tasked with training practitioners of the Art for the Crown. In return, My order of Mystics is recognised as a lawful religious order within Tethyr.

One of my first friends was the Dwarf Gemjaw a Priest of Dumathoin and master smith, he was lured into madness and ended up trapped in a place of great power and significance for my kind, and it seems in his madness he corrupted that place to a point where I fear we will never be able to restore it.

Another trusted companion of mine Davkas Dawntreader was assassinated by a druid turned Vampire the same vampire also managed to kill the archdruid, with whom I had developed a mutual trust and cooperation. But, not before the same archdruid in his folly used a gemstone I suspect was the Orb of calim to first further destabilise the Mythal that Gemjaw already was corrupting from the inside, then use it to affix a portal permanently to the prime plane its position is just north of Lockwood falls castle.

Another friend who was taken by the same madness as Gemjaw was Berogrin a Cleric of some halfling deity whose name escapes me as I write this, however, Berogrin was quite adept in the ways of The Power and served as hand to the Justicar when I first came to Brost. A side note of some interest perhaps, the one to first suggest that I take the forgotten tower from the bandits and make something useful of it was Berogrin, he hinted that that might buy me some favour with the locals and perhaps I would be awarded the tower deed as a reward for ridding the county of a well-fortified den of bandits, now I know that Tethyrian society will never accept elves owning anything outside the forest.

Other friends gained and lost include Asfora, she was as experienced in the ways of Brost as I am now, or more so, when I first came and she was my first mentor in the human way of exploring the weave. She was apparently colluding with a sharran priestess to murder Davkas the warden and later sheriff of Brost. This lead to her death by a mysterious Druid.

A year later or so two servants of Kelemvor became well known and my own mission from Mystra came into the forefront of my activities sadly it seems they have retired and are rarely seen these days, which is unfortunate for the church of Kelemvor and the Order of the starry void that I lead have an important task to do in order to tip the scales in favour of Tethyr  in the coming conflict with the enemy, I hope they are still around and will show up as the need grows even more dire.

Lastly, I wish to write something about the Barons of Lockwood that i have met. I have had mostly good experience with them but they seem shortlived. The first i knew was Lord Arthur Sanderson a hard man but a fair man. He travelled to the capital and seems to have been lost in transit. After him came the Dame she was appointed the barony by the council and therefore naturally feel beholden to them which means that altho she means well and have a genuine wish for the well being of her people she lacks the incentive to break with the more oppressive customs of the human Barons and refuses to give Elves the same rights as any low born of Tethyr has. More precisely the right to own and cultivate the land. This is, in my opinion, one of the Last great hurdles to overcome for a true and lasting union between the elves of the forest and the humans of the plains. I understand why young Foxfire won't go in with a heavy hand and dictate in this matter tho for that would cause civil unrest. This last step must be made by humans without coercion for this union to work.

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