The Morality of Charms and Compulsions

In general the practice of Charms is considered benign but questionable. for really what is the difference of a courtisans charms and the application of a magical charm spell. both have their limitations and both only bend the will of a subject instead of outright breaking it.

However the evil step sibling of charms are Compulsions spells like Dominate person or monster. or the natural ability of a vampire to crush the mental resistance of a victim or thrall to be. these sort of magics are not benign and when used deftly near impossible to detect or break.

Surely the usage of such strong mental attacks will eventually erode the consciousness of the victim and the conscience of the practitioner employing them. Leading them down an ever steeper path to damnation.

Such magics should only be employed with exact knowledge of purpose and only by those with the proper education to deal with the awesome responsibility of taming and some times outright breaking the mind of a would be assailant. If these powers are to be used for goodness they need to be handled only by those especially trained to do so.

the closely related spell Control undead might seem like a clear cut example of a spell that would end up on the list of prohibited spells in Noromath but this is another example of a spell that might be the only way to deal safely with creatures like vampires and revenants. these creatures are nearly impossible to detain or destroy and might warrant exceptional usage of compulsions.

An expert from the musings on magic by Malcorath the Mystic

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