The Knights of Noromath FAQ

Knights of Noromath: Frequently Asked Questions

This page is intended to summarize and answer some frequently asked questions that have come up over time. Please familiarize yourself with our Player's Guide to the Knights of Noromath and this page in order to better understand and discover our unique community culture and virtual tabletop and all they have to offer. More questions and answers will be posted as we go along.

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NWN The Game

  1. Do I have to be on Steam? Can I get the HAK files?
    Using Steam and the Steam Workshop is the recommended way to play on the Knights of Noromath. Steam Workshop is the simplest and easiest way to subscribe to KON and the Community Expansion Pack (CEP) to get the required files. HAKs can be distributed for players of NWN:EE using GOG upon request.Our Steam Workshop link: you purchased your copy of NWN:EE through Beamdog, you will have a Steam key under your Game Keys tab on
  2. How do I report a bug or problem with something on the server?
    Our discord has a bug reports channel, however, you must first learn to identify what is a Neverwinter Nights:EE bug or Knights of Noromath bug. Losing your Dexterity after being immobilized and it not returning afterward is an NWN bug that requires a relog. Specific server issues might include a broken area transition and would be appropriate to the KON bug report channel. Bugs that can result in exploits or sensitive metagame information should be reported directly to the DMs. 

Server Systems
Player Characters

  1. What level are players on this server?
    Player Characters range from level 3 up to level 30 on the Knights of Noromath.
  2. How fast do I level up on KON?
    The level progression on the Knights of Noromath is limited in a few ways. First, a typical monster kill will never reward more than 25 experience points to a character or their party. Next, a character will receive a minimum amount of experience points (5 exp) when defeating enemies who are 8 levels lower than them. Then, characters are limited to partying within 5 levels of one another.Even with the above limitations, the Knights of Noromath still allows a character to level up more quickly than other roleplaying servers. The Knights of Noromath also offers full Player-vs-Player and other things which contribute to downward pressures in the campaign and character death in general.
  3. Can I be evil?
    Read our Antagonists guide. The short answer is yes, but be prepared to die if you don't make a point to avoid those who would put an end to your vile reign.
  4. How many players are there?
    One more with you! We have around 30 campaign participants, generally. Player population grows and wanes and many more come when more players are playing.  
  5. When are players active?
    All around the clock! The largest player counts are usually in US evening times when DMs are also around. The Knights of Noromath also offers a considerable amount of features that enable solo play such as extensive crafting and other non-weapon proficiencies, so someone is usually doing something at all hours.
  6. Can I get a DM to discuss a character idea?
    Most definitely! Feel free to make up a Google Document and share it with any of the DM Team.
  7. How do I get the attention of a DM?
    The easiest way to get the attention of a DM is to send a message to the DM Channel while in game. If a DM does not respond, you can directly message the DM Team, which are labeled with the role "Dungeon Master" on Discord. If they do not immediately respond, they are only human and are likely eating a sandwich or sleeping. Please be patient, but if there is an issue that cannot wait please feel free to send a message to the player president or a Staff Member. Please ensure your messages have context so we can best address them. Examples include. "I am looking to speak to Person at Location" or "We are hunting for X in the underdark." Just because you are doing these actions does not mean they will have results from the DMs, but you are more likely to find (for example) an NPC or Artifact in the correct place and time if a DM can become available before you rocket through your journey. Also note actions take patience and persistence, you may not be successful the first try even if correct due to factors outside your knowledge. 
  8. Can I be a Drow, Half-orc, or Tiefling?
    The short answer is, yes! As previously mentioned, our Antagonists guide is a great resource for these misfits. Monstrous Races are to be expelled from the country of Tethyr by her knights, so you’ll find no real quarter in the Village of Brost.
  9. I am not familiar with the Forgotten realms, is that alright?
    We would rather have a knight that doesn’t know the Queen’s name than a player injecting knowledge from FR Wikis, as an example. That is why so much effort is put into maintaining our website resources. Many of our most successful players have never experienced the Forgotten Realms, much less NWN, before joining our server community. Our collective creative style allows for some wrongness here and there, so you do not have to be correct all the time.


  • The Knights of Noromath is first and foremost a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, not a persistent world. You actively chose to make an impact and influence the server. Here you can be a lord and rule over the land, you can enforce the Queen's Laws as a knight, you can head a temple as a high wizard, you can become atoned for acts made in desperation, and through all of it, you can be remembered for years to come. The server is mutable to you as a player as the campaign unfolds with you in it. Work with the setting and play in the campaign as it flows and becomes defined, and you’ll do very well. Not everything goes according to plan on the first try. Be prepared to revise your plan and try again.
  • Character death happens a lot. You can be caught in a bitterly cold wind, catch a magical disease, or die instantly from a critical hit. There are also simply unfortunate cases where lag, crashing, or other similar circumstances cause you to die. We take all of the above as simply character death - and we have baked in a respawning mechanic through an NPC in the death area, so you can come back from these unfortunate situations up to a point. There is an experience point penalty every time you die, so play accordingly!Other players can also intervene if they come across your player corpse item, so it is very important to make friends with the people who might find you out in the cold.
  • Other players are not obligated to raise you from the dead, let you join their factions, or reveal crafting recipes to you. These decisions are entirely in-character, so it is considered a breach of etiquette to ask OOC in a tell. To this end, other players are not obligated to respond to tells, either.
  • The Knights of Noromath is often referred to as "Our Virtual Tabletop." Please be courteous and respectful of the time and effort the community has put in to make the Knights of Noromath what it is today, and you'll be very welcome to enjoy everything we have to offer.
  • Persevere and keep trying when things are difficult. Learning is part of the game. Getting in trouble with the law, dying, and more are challenges you will face here, but the end is ultimately about the actions you take. The best thing to do is to ask lots and lots of questions in-game.Don't use the member discord chat or in-game character to take out frustrations, disagreements, or feedback. We have feedback routes through the Player President and dedicated feedback forms that are read by all of our leadership.
  • EXPLOITS ARE NOT TOLERATED. Please use common sense, and understand that the point of everything we do is about participating in a credible Dungeons & Dragons campaign online. Exploits simply don't work with that goal.
  • If you have been banned either on discord or in-game, we encourage you to reach the Player President directly.
  • If something is not on our player's guide or our FAQ, it might be intentionally left out for exploration in-game. We embrace discovery and exploration.
  • You must be online doing what you say when you request DM help. Saying you wish to speak to someone who is across the server means you are not there speaking to them, so a DM can not assist you.
  • A DM message does not replace proactively taking part. Use systems and interacting with players is the most powerful way for the setting to shift and your experience to be at its fullest enjoyment. We run events regardless of requests, but players often make the best intrigue and storylines, which is what we as DMs hope to see and enhance
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