The Player’s Guide to the Knights of Noromath

Getting Started - Basic Setting and Server Information

About the Knights of Noromath Server

Contains all information regarding the server, including administration, dungeon masters, player expectations, and ethics.

Core Values
Player Government and the Player Presidency
Dungeon Masters and Dungeon Master Code of Ethics
Server Rules
Discord Rules

About the Lands of Intrigue

Contains all starting information available to new players who wish to create a character from the Lands of Intrigue, as well as the local laws and ordinances that govern Brost County. For more advanced topics, see Advanced Topics

Brost County
County Merchant Register
Agis Report
Tethyr: An Overview
Calimshan: An Overview
Amn: An Overview
Laws of the Land
Tethyrian Knightly Code
Royal Decrees
Edicts of the Magistrate
Suggested Character Concepts
Frequently Asked Questions

Creating Your Character

Choosing Your Base Class
Choosing Your Skills
Choosing Your Feats
Choosing Your Subrace
Choosing Your Class Standing
Choosing Your Background
Choosing Your Deity
Choosing Your Proficiency
Choosing A Prestige Class
Divine Champion
Dwarven Defender
Eldritch Knight
Pale Master
Shadow Adept
Shadow Dancer
Spellfire Channeler

Server Systems

The Basics

The most important and basic systems that govern your interaction in the world.

Alignment Changes and Character Alignment
Armor Donning Times and Movement Reduction
Character Death
Console Commands
Crafting System
All Recipes
Crafting Box and Combiner
Smoke Powder Weapons
Alchemy Proficiency
Non-Magical Item Modifications
Examine and Disguise
Experience Points
Loot - Bodies, Bounties, Rubble, Crates, Chests, and More
Tactical Terrain
Rest and Recovery
Writing System

Advanced Systems

Barony Systems, Keeps, Settlements, Guild houses, Landownership, Inn-Rooms and You
Capture Checkpoint System
Player Managed Stores
Persistent Banking
Resource Collection
Call for Help Tool
Critical Hit System
Damage Effects and Massive Damage
Druid Groves
Henchmen / Familiars / Animal Companions / Golems / Horses
List of all Spell Changes
Summoning Changes
New Spells
Gestalt Casting
High Arcana
The Shadow Weave
Eschewing Materials
Location Saving System
Materials and Effects
Multiclassing System
Piety and Divine Casters
Subdual Mode
Suffication and Drowning
Variable NPC and Enemy Spawns
Weather System

Advanced Topics Information

The Role of the Protagonist Versus Antagonist
The Role of the Nobility
The Role of the Knight
The Role of the Peasantry
The Role of the Epic Level Character
A Primer for Clerics
A Primer for Mages
A Primer for Monks
A Primer for Paladins
A Primer for Elves and Drow
The Writ of Travel and Outlaws
Undead Template Support
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