Player Government and the Player Presidency

Player Government

In the past, players have been drafted to help direct the creation of new features and future development, but as the server has exited its alpha/beta phase, that form of player government has been rendered obsolete. The last remaining manned post of the Player Government is the Player President.

The Knights of Noromath server administration recognizes that it's not always comfortable to voice an opinion in public. Whether there is some concern about a particular Dungeon Master, a system, or just finding your character's way in the world, it's helpful to have a peer to speak to about whatever issues may arise. This is the role of the Player President.

Player President Elect

The current player president of the server is Aliirielle, and they are able to be reached on the Discord where they appear at the very top of the list while online. A new player president is elected on a yearly rotation, or if a player president wishes to step down due to lack of time or other commitments.

Requirements for running for the office of Player President:

  • Must have been a player on the server for more than 6 months, continuously
  • Must be willing to speak with players about potentially uncomfortable topics
  • Must be willing to preserve the anonymity of their peers if required
  • Must embody all KON Core Values
  • Must have a clean record with no infractions, exploits, rule-breeches, or other unscrupulous activities


Topics Appropriate to Discuss with the Player President:

  • Needing help with a character concept
  • Needing help with how to use a server system
  • A perceived trouble with an in character development
  • A perceived lack of notice for in character actions
  • A perceived issue/problem with another player
  • A perceived issue/problem with a member of the DM Team
  • A perceived rule breach involving yourself or another player
  • A Discord Ban - What is the length, term, and reason why
  • A Server Ban - What is the length, term, and reason why


Topics that are Inappropriate to Discuss with the Player President:

  • Bug reports
  • Feature requests
  • Any personal information, such as location, date of birth, social security number, credit card number, or those three digits on the back
  • What you had for lunch yesterday
  • How many grains of sand are on a beach and whether they outnumber the stars
  • Whether Prince or Michael Jackson is the best performance artist of the 20th century
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