Petals in the Pond


A small child of 5 when she was found curled up and trembling beneath the base of a large grouping of rose bushes. scratched by the thorns, the woman that found her found it a strange place for a child to hide until she discovered only a mile away two figures ripped apart by what looked to be wolves or worse. Her parents hid her where the scent was strongest then fled to save her.

Aleya, high priestess of Eldath found her and took her to Fallskeeper Berendim with details of her findings. They named her Rose, for the roses she was found beneath, and was taken in as the Fallskeepers ward. As the years passed, she knew nothing but peace in the Dells, and learned the ways of Eldath herself, taking on the oath of the green goddess when she came of age. Upon completion of her teachings, her guardian sent her south to the circle guarding River Rimril. It was there she met Ael'Sae a druid of the Seldarine and her heart was lost to him. Within a year of courtship they married, but their union did not last long as their home, their grove was beset upon by a pack of Malarites. Her entire circle slaughtered, her husband slowly tortured before her eyes before he too was slain, her only saving grace was that she was with child and therefore was spared. She wandered in shock, despair aimlessly, broken and that alone caused her to lose her child.

Now, she finds herself  in Brost, struggling to find peace of mind, and heart. Struggling to forgive those who took all she loved, yet deep within, there is a bitterness buried deep. She focuses on her teachings now, locking that pain away to better serve her lady, and to help those who seek peace and healing in turn. Her hope to one day find another circle that will accept her and the ideals of her goddess, for no druid should ever walk alone.

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