Non-Magical Item Modifications

On the Knights of Noromath Server, several mundane crafting possibilities are offered for modifying individual pieces of equipment.

Characters have access to these modifications based upon either armoring proficiency, tailoring proficiency, or in the case of a few combinations cleric or blackcoat levels qualify. Any character can receive the benefits of wearing the items once they have been modified.

Most mundane equipment pieces can accept up to two modifications. An item must be Masterwork in order to be modified with the following items.

Gauntlet Lock Bonus +2 Discipline Skill on Gauntlets Armoring, 1 Slot
Gilding Gold Bonus +2 Save vs. Negative Energy on Armor or Shield Armoring, 1 Slot
Holy Scripture Bonus +2 Save vs. Death on Armor or Shield Cleric 3 or Blackcoat 2, 1 Slot
Holy Sigil Bonus +2 AC vs. Outsiders on Armor or Shield Cleric 3 or Blackcoat 2, 1 Slot
Leather Cord Bonus +2 Discipline Skill on Weapon or Shield Tailoring, 1 Slot
Lucky Clover Bonus +1 to all saving throws on Armor Tailoring, 1 Slot
Oak Leaf Bonus +2 Hide Skill on Armor or Cloak Tailoring, 1 Slot
Protective Spikes 25% chance to reciprocate 1d4+AC bonus damage on Armor or Shield Armoring, 1 Slot
Silmer's Wick Bonus +2 saving throws vs. fire Tailoring, 1 Slot
Spool of Iron Wire Bonus +1 AC, adds iron property Tailoring, 1 Slot
Spool of Steel Wire Bonus +1 AC, adds steel property Tailoring, 1 Slot
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