Arvoreen's WarponyBrost PonyCalimiteCelestial ChargerChionthar WarmbloodCormyrean Destrier
Climate/Terrain: Temperate plains  Temperate plains  Temperate desert A celestial realm Temperate plains Temperate plains
Frequency: Common   Common Rare Very rare Uncommon Uncommon
Organization: Solitary or herd  Solitary or herd Solitary or herd Solitary Solitary or herd  Solitary or herd
Activity Cycle:  Diurnal   Diurnal Diurnal Any  Diurnal  Diurnal
Diet:  Herbivore     Herbivore  Herbivore Herbivore Herbivore  Herbivore
Intelligence:  Animal   Animal  Animal Exceptional Animal Animal
Treasure: None   None  None  None  None None
Alignment:  True Neutral   True Neutral True Neutral Lawful good  True Neutral  True Neutral
Number Appearing: 3-20   3-20  3-20 1  3-20 3-20
Armor Class: 16   14 18 22 16 18
Movement:  Fast   Fast Very fast Fast Very fast Normal
Hit Dice:  5   4 8 10 6 9
Attack Bonus: +5   +5 +8 +12 +6 +9
Number of Attacks: 1   1 2 2 1 2
Damage/Attack: 1d6+2 hoof, 1d4+2 bite   1d6+2 hoof, 1d4+2 bite  1d6+2 hoof, 1d4+2 bite 1d6+5 hoof, 1d4+5 bite  1d6+2 hoof, 1d4+2 bite 1d6+3 hoof, 1d4+3 bite
Special Attacks: None   None None None None None
Special Defenses:  None None None Improved evasion None None
Size: Large   Large Large Large Large Large
Morale: Unsteady   Unsteady Steady Elite Average Elite
Challenge Rating: 4 3 6 7 4 6

Horses of these varieties can be bought.

Horses typically flee from predators but when trained to be warhorses they can be vicious combatants.

Horses kick and stamp with their hooves and the particularly aggressive breeds are known to bite opponents.

Arvoreen's Warpony
These trusty ponies have been trained to do various saddle tricks that are helpful for small size riders. They have no actual association with the Arvoreen's Marchers, but rather are trained to the standard preferred by them.

Brost Pony
The most common ponies in the region, Brost Ponies are usually put to work. They have enough training to be used as war horses if they need to be.

The extremely fast Calimite is a prized possession. Bred for speed and aggression, these horses are hot-blooded by definition. They are usually very expensive to import.

Celestial Charger
The steeds called from good-aligned planes by paladins are known as Celestial Chargers. These creatures are very intelligent and possess a profound bond with the paladin who calls them.

Chionthar Warmblood
This popular swift horse is not local to the Wealdath by any stretch, so it is another horse that must be imported.

Cormyrean Destrier
A true warhorse, the Cormyrean Destrier is considered a superior and even noble breed. Some knightly orders are said to prefer going without new horses if a Cormyrean Destrier cannot be sourced.

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