Excerpt from the Diary of Emmeline Nightclimber

1358 - 9 - 16

Aaaaahhh! Auntie Tessa is getting married! She announced it today! Tomas is such a lucky guy - to get my faavorite aunt. I know that I am supposed to keep this journal only for my spelling lessons, but I just cant.

She announced it at dinner tonight, and so we had an emergencie familie meeting. Of curse we are gonna need to invite all of us, and so now we need to - Pa said I should record the numbers too as sums practice - Get 50 invitations, rent meeting hall and church. Rodjerick said he'd get his boys together for music at the party.

Secret: So I!!!! Am in charge of the wedding quilt. Gramma voted that I be in charge 'stead of her! Its such a big honor. Every girl makes a square - and then that means I put them together and stitch them in my pattern! I juss cannot wait. And I shan't use that new spell I am learning, the levitation one for needles and pins.

The spell is called Shelgarn's Persistent Blade. Aunt Lorelei said its cause when your in trouble, you levitate your athame and it fights for you on its own. But I think its more useful for needlework - who would want to go into battle just to levitate a dagger?

The wedding will happen in three months, right before the longest night. So much to do.

1358 - 9 - 28

My fingers hurt from writing invitations. But my handwriting is better. I used the spell for my own square, just to hold it up with the pins so I could stitch in mid air. I held the pins in place in midair, so that I had a makeshift embroidery hoop or loom. I'll be done with school this next spring, and then I'll have an actual apprenticeship.

1358 - 10 - 12

Aunt Tessa wants me to do the lace and embroidery work on her veil. Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!

What'll I do? This is the most important piece I've ever done!

1358 - 11 - 6

When making fire, its absolutely super important to be incredibly careful about how strong the impact is between your fingers. A snap just lights one finger, while an open palmed clap lights both hands, and a stronger clap - I passed out. Thank Oghma I passed out, since I

Nearly burned down the thatching trying to light the fireplace with soggy wood. I have been forbidden from lighting fires with any more energy than a snap forever.

1358 - 11 - 27

So close to the wedding. Everything is nearly finished, we have the band, the church, the party room, even the quilt is done. I've seen her dress - its Gramma's but altered. The veil though - this beadwork at the bottom vexes me. The beads just won't stay in place, and I've lost my stitching at least a hundred times now.

1358 - 12 - 14

Its finished!

1358 - 12 - 20

I cannot sleep for excitement. Tommorrow is the wedding! Music, and Aunt Tessa will be moving out for good. Though… wait. Is she with child? She doesn't show. Whatever. If so I get cousins!

1358 - 12 - 22

The ceremony was lovely. I'm documenting it for posterity here. Posterity is a new word I learned from the priest - it means for keeps. Seems a bit silly not to just say for keeps, but I have to learn to speak well iffn I want to serve ladies at court.


It started with all of us in our fancy dress at the temple, making a huge circle. We had to make two, one inside the other. At the center was Tessa in her gown, hidden in her veil and kept from sight. Roderick came in to the lonely song, and asked the group in the south where his love was, and promised he would keep her from ever being alone. Then he went to the north children, who asked if he would raise a happy family. They were very bad at their lines and kept giggling. He said "Of course silly!". Then he came to me and the hunger group, oh and the music was all a slow, empty, drumbeat, and we asked if they would share their strifes together. He said yes of course, and then he went to the east, the final group, portraying illness. I cried. Then we all let him pass into the center and they hugged. Then each group acted out the hardship, trying to seperate them, but the closest that got was the kids got their hair ruffled and awwed at.

They kissed, surviving the trials of marriage, and the priest said they were married!

Then we partied. A lot. Since Ma and Pa don't read this, I'll say it here. I had wine, more than the one small glass I shoulda… It burned, but I kind of liked it.

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