Duty by the Word

Danton Helmsworth was born the sixth son in line to the family lands. Being the youngest overall, he was the ninth child born to Branward Helmsworth II. The Helmsworth's were long ago, some five generations past, known as the Gralbrath's. They took up name Helmsworth when their first ancestor became a Knight of Helm, and have used it ever since.

The Helmsworth's family has spent the five generations since choosing the name to help guard and defend the people of Port Kir. Most Helmsworth children were instructed in the codes of the knights, and expected to join when they came of age. Such was the pressure on Danton, that he let fade his dreams of being something else, to appease his father and brothers. Deep down he had wished to learn more social skills, and perhaps to entertain in some form or another. At the age of twelve, he nearly struck out from home in an effort to join a travelling circus, but found himself feeling guilty for abandoning his family, and returned before he was missed.

Having such a large family dedicated to Helm, and possessing several knights among its ranks, Danton was free to seek his fortune elsewhere. He struck out inland to seek new lands and Lords to serve. He longed for a different lifestyle, but duty, and constant pressure from the family kept him on the straight and narrow. While he had achieved knighthood in the Queen's service, and he venerated Helm as he had been raised. He had not become one of the Everwatch Knights as some of his brethren had. Nor did he possess the calling to follow the Vigilant Eyes of the God.

He had all but forgotten his dreams until a fateful night in Brost when he was invited to venture into some old ruins to lay to rest the bones of the unliving. Among those who fought beside him was a young woman of noble birth, who was both beautiful and kind. But moreso she possessed a voice like an angel, and the ballad she shared to encourage them to fight on even as they were tired and bleeding. He caught himself hanging on every note, and in fact tried his best to memorize the words.

As word spread of the murderous Lord Amraphel, Danton sought out Marshal Tareth of Briarwood in hopes of lending his aid in the protection of his people and his wife to be. While keeping up with his knightly duties, and being away from any direct family pressure, he managed to find time to practice singing. He became useful enough to the newly made Lord Steward Tareth that he was offered a place in Briarwood.

Currently Danton is torn between his duty and his desire. The woman who rekindled his passion was none other than the daughter of the mad mage. The very mad mage who assaulted Briarwood and had slain his Lord Steward this day. Facing the scrutiny of the very knighthood he was supposed to join as past events were coming to light surrounding the death.

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