Tamhas born in Tethyr and lived in brost county for a few years of his life.. at the age of 6 his parents moved to the High Forest taking him with them.

he lived the woodland life.. his father teaching him how to track animals, hunt and skin them and his mother showed him how to make potions to either help Good Folk, Creatures that needed medicine or himself.

14 years of age.

Tamhas's father Grim Blackfeather lost his right forearm and hand from a fight with a group of wolves that overwhelmed him, Tamhas had to pick up the slack for the family..
Joining a local group of Human and Elven rangers he did jobs for them and in return they taught him how to hone his skills with a sword and Bow.. slowly he bettered himself with both making mistakes as any young one would do but finally he was able to help his father.. bringing food home for the family and sometimes helped feed mongrel animals who had been left behind by their families.

Age 18.

Tamhas had not been needed much at his home anymore, the Rangers that Tamhas had joined who were known as the Gisiae Of The Bears
had started to send people to his family home to help his father gather food or help his mother get herbs.

Together the Gisiaes started to show tamhas how to hunt people who had done wrongs against the forest or creatures and monsters hindering it's growth or seeking out the destruction of it.

Age 30

Tamhas was sent out by the Gisiaes Of The Bears to meet a group of Druids and Rangers who worshiped The Forest Queen (Mielikki)
Tamhas being brought up by Mielikki's Teachings from his mother and father he didn't refuse but happily accepted.
They put him through trials which took there toll on Tamhas but he powered through it best he could and never gave up showing them how much of a animal he could be.

Age 34.

Tamhas, Grier, Jacki, Da'Tai and a Large northerner called Bear Paw were sent out to hunt down blighters by the Circle who followed The Forest Queen. They Manged to kill off smaller and weaker blighters but they had been given word that there would be a gathering of blighters at a disclosed location..

Over the next few days they made their way there to the location.. Only finding one blighter but Bear Paw ran in like the wild man he was embedding his axe in the blighters skull.. all of a sudden all hell broke loose..

A few sells swords who were hired by the blighters and the blighters the selves came out of the trees and bushes.. surrounding the group..

They fought like hell.. blood for blood...eye for eye.. toe to toe...

Bear paw fought hard but was roasted alive.. his screams shook Da'Tai.. she caught a arrow in the throat and fell to the ground bleeding out..tears filled her eyes.

Greir ran and tried to help Da'Tai putting up a fight like a Wolf trying to protect its young.. she took many blows from hammers and swords then she fell.

Jacki and Tamhas were still alive managing to either chase off or kill most of the sellswords.. the others threw their weapons and ran as quick as they could..

Jacki suddenly couldn't breath.. he took gasps of air and maggots began to come out of his eyes and mouth... his muffled screams and he fell silently.. with a horrifying look on his face.

Tamhas ran at the blighter who had remained.. the Blighter threw fire at Tamhas and he howled like a mad wolf and ran at the blighter.. even while being burnt.. he gutted the blighter and removed his head.. Tamhas .. once his blood had cooled.. looked at his dead friends and the battle field.. and looked at himself.. his wounds were grave.. packing some of the wounds with dirt and spare herbs he had.. he limped and dragged himself back slowly.

He fell after a distance.. he traveled far.. he heard foot steps.. his eyes flashing.. spinning..blurring.. "Is this the end... Mielikki..forgive me for failing to see this was ...a trap.. my friends fell..protecting the forests."

Two Humans and two half elves looked at him and picked him up ..taking him somewhere...

Age 35.

Tamhas his wounds healed and still scarred on the inside by the loss of his friends. A Female Druid entered the room he was sitting in.. saying her Lady wished to speak to him... he got up and walked from the room..

He entered a big hall, clearly that of a noble family..

"This is Lady Josephine she wa.."

*Josephine put her hand up with a smile and the druid stopped speaking .. she motioned Tamhas Forward*

Josephine : "Tamhas Blackfeather... son of Grim and Mista'Nar Blackfeather. take a knee.. please"

Tamhas took a knee and looked up slowly and looking around the room.. it had a few people and Druid from the circle who had sent him to fight the blighter threat... his eyes fell slowly back on Josephine "Tamhas.. do you swear to uphold the Queens Justice of Tethyr.." "Do you swear to protect the people of Tethyr from evil"

Tamhas looked up and spoke " I, Tamhas Blackfeather, do swear that I will well and truly serve our Sovereign Lady Queen Zaranda Star and I will do right to all manner of people after the laws and usages of this realm, without fear or favour, affection or illwill."

*Josephine tapped a blade over each of his Shoulders and then pulled off a leather glove and slapped him once* "This is to remember your oath.. you will now be known as .. Sir Tamhas Blackfeather.. Knight of the Realm of Tethyr."

Food and drink were had that night but Tamhas didn't indulge much but exchanged mostly words with the druid he knew.. the next week... he set off to Brost County on a quest to see Brother Birchover.. and help out the circle any way he could..

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