Baldr Greywolf Background Report

A rough sketch of Sir Baldr Greywolf.
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    At your request, I have detailed the life of the knight Baldr of house Greywolf. We hope that you agree with our choice to send the young paladin of Siamorphe to the county of Brost. We hope he improves his rank within the order and within the social status. If nothing else, we believe he'll be a great asset within the region.

Year of the Arch, 1353 DR, 16th of Ches

    To the noble house of Greywolf, who's holding is a small thorp within the foothills of the Starspire Mountains and a half day's ride east of Zazesspur, was born a son. This thorp was the ancestral home of his mother's parents, the house of Allen. They named him Baldr.

    His family while part of the upper class of society, they humble themselves by making a moderate living. Usually training to remain as knights though, it isn't unheard of that members of the family have risen and fallen from high ranks of nobility before. Due to their training as knights, they take their defensive training seriously. Teaching several martial, and simple weapons training early.

    They have a rather good reputation, though I found their ethics to be rather neutral when it comes to how the head of the house, Sir Antoine Greywolf, handles his affairs be they in court or in his own household. This reputation might stem from their historical devotion to Siamorphe. Some claim that a Cleric of Siamorphe started the house when they were knighted, but the accuracy of these reports are at best unreliable. But it should be noted, nonetheless.

    The knight family of Greywolf showed unrelenting support to Zarandia Star. Sir Antoine would never see the birth of his son, however. As he was slain earlier in the year helping Dutchess Zarandia keep nobles who abused their power from rising.

    His grandparents died long before the babe was born. I don't know how this will affect his personality, as most do have at least one grandparent in their lives to help rear them. But luckily their family seemed very productive. His Aunt, Tamara of house Greywolf, formed close ties to his mother.

Year of the Serpent, 1359 DR, through Year of the Gauntlet,1369 DR,

    Young Baldr at the age of six, was taken in as a squire to one of the knights who joined the newly formed Order of the Silver chalice. The year before he was able to see his new baby sister. Helping his mother when he could before the Order took him as a squire. He took an interest in his family and the order's patron goddess of Siamorphe. He studied literature, opting against making friends with the other squires and focused on his studies. Learning family trees, genealogy, politics, and the like to ensure he can do his duty to the best of his ability.

    He did this for the next ten years. Training under his paladin mentor hard. Learning his duties, oaths, how to command, and provide logistics effectively. This would form a rivalry with a fellow knight's son. But Baldr hasn't done anything save his training to the boy. So whatever wrong that was caused, I humbly doubt that it sprang from jealousy.

    The following is an excerpt from his knights journal. He gave it willingly to ensure our documents were as accurate as possible. Though we returned the journal,

    "I would like to note that it was at the age of seven that he witnessed a raid on our caravan. It startled him at first. But it seemed to build his resolve. We are trying to keep the lords who're unworthy from gaining more power. This undoubtedly created more enemies for us.

    "I hope this doesn't affect his rearing in terms of social grace. A knight without it might end badly for his overall career. I pray to Siamorphe that this won't be the case."

    We gain reports throughout the years of his development. Some was from the common folk, claiming he's a champion of Siamorphe. These reports have proven unreliable as they were putting him in the light his mentor deserved. Might be due to him always being by his side. To this effect we sent a missive to the knight himself. There was only one event in his youth that truly impressed us.

    In the year 1367 DR, the year of the Shield, at the age of fourteen he got into an argument about the punishment of a man who was charged with excessive noise. It's claimed that Baldr was seen explaining in a calm even tone. The sheriff who was executing the punishment was demanding more gold than the maximum punishment of ten. The sheriff reasoning was it was to humiliate the man. We don't know the exact words used. But the conclusion was that the sheriff was officially investigated by the order and found to be abusing his authority.

    It won't be for the next year that he'll be knighted at the age of fifteen. While it was during the Reclamation Wars. He was placed in command of one of the minor units in Queen Zaranda's military reserves. He wouldn't see any action till the end of the war. His unit helping in the Siege at Myratma. Though it was a minor role, his unit helped the fleeing slaves escape the city to allow the main force entry without much obstruction. His unit was the ones who alerted and took the heaviest casualty, Baldr being one of the few survivors as he was on the other side of the slave column when the Pretender was discovered.

    Year 1373 DR, Year of Rogue Dragons, Baldr, now twenty years old, is assigned to Brost County. It's in our belief that he will be effective in his work with the nobles up there.

Order of the Silver Chalice

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