Writing System

On the Knights of Noromath server, a custom writing system has been devised to provide numerous important functions for use by characters in the campaign.

To use this system,  a character must possess the following items:
-Blank document item
-Quill item
-Inkwell item
-House ring item (Optional, see document "Seal" below)

Prepare the document for writing commands
To begin, a character needs a piece of paper item. It needs to be used on the character to designate that this is the piece of paper being operated upon.

New CommandEffect
-write help Displays writing system commands
-write title <text> Change the title of the document to <text>
-write new <text> Erase the entire body of the document and replace with <text>
-write add <text> Adds <text> in addition to the text already present in the document
-write line <text> Adds <text> on a new line of the document
-write seal Seals a document so that it cannot be edited further

Copying a document
If a blank document is "used" upon an existing one, this will copy the content from the existing document onto the new one.

Sealing a document
If the character possesses a House Ring, they can place a Seal on their document. A Sealed document cannot be edited. Using a House Ring in this way is something that lower class characters simply don't know how to do properly.

Posting a Notice

If a character uses a written document on a noticeboard, the document will be destroyed and the message will be pushed as a Noticeboard notification in the Knights of Noromath Discord.

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