The Life and Times of a Girl With No Name

Chapter I. The Budding


It was a rainy early Autumn morning in the foothills. The ceaseless pounding of the storm drowning out even the sounds of the first Roosters rising. The small hamlet was still mostly asleep. Aside from the Tarly's boy beginning his morning rounds with milking the one cow that resided in the humble stable. Sister Frieda was of course awake at this hour. The old Oracle was always up early preparing for a day of worship and counsel for the small village. The Yunkirk's were likely having a restless night due to their new born that would make at the same times every night it seemed. Lastly, however, a young girl. Not more than sixteen years old in appearance. She had blue skin and thick black hair which she tied back. She sat cross legged watching out the window of small room on a old rickety chair as the rain fell just outside. She didn't have a name, she didn't belong here, and she didn't even know.


The rain let up around mid day as the early Autumn sun shown from behind the deep grey clouds. Most of the small villages residents rose late in the morning and began to go about their daily duties. The fields needed tending and food needed to be prepared for the evenings meal. The Girls duties for the day consisted of grinding up grain for the bread for tomorrows meals. She sat by herself on the edge of the field to the north of the village with her mortar and pestle grinding away as her mind drifted from thought to thought idly. Her solitary silence was broken by the rather chipper voice of a young man who had come up out of the field. "Hey, Blue. Hows the grain treating ya?" Said the boy. The girl didn't need to look to know who it was. The affectionate term 'Blue' was enough for her to know that Wess Tarly was there to pester her again. "Wesley, don't you have something better to be doing? If I remember correctly the harvest needs to be finished by the end of the week," She states matter of factly, a smirk crossing her lips, "If we run out of food this winter I'm blaming you." The boy's face turned a rather bright shade of red at the mention of his full name, "I just saw you sitting over here by yourself and figured you could use some company, but if your so worried about us starving then who am I argue? You have seen ten more years here than I so I guess..... I'll leave you alone," He smiles to himself as he takes a seat next to the girl on the damp ground and uncorks a water skin hanging from his shoulder. "So what you actually mean is your here to bother me even more then," She laughs slightly slightly shaking her head, "Well I guess I could use the company."


As the cool air drifted off the mountain in the evening the forty three residents of the settlement all gathered in the central 'Square', which was more open area with a fire pit and makeshift benches surrounding it. The fire was lit, food was served, and the folk conversed and mingled as they ate everyone knowing everyone else. The Yunkirk's new baby was the centerpiece of this evening conversation as the young child was passed from one person to the other. Each member of the community cherishing a new addition to their extended family. The Girl sat with Wesley and his mother close to the fire. She enjoyed the heat on these cool evenings. The conversation had wandered through several topics including Wesley's mother berating him for his lack of courting a young woman to bless her with grandchildren and how nice The Girls hair looked with her new hair tie. Not the most lively evening to be sure, but The Girl didn't mind. She was just glad to be next to the fire. Soon after the sun had set the old woman sitting by herself across the fire from The Girl rose and all fell silent and watched her as she took a jug of water and began to circle the fire and douse out its outer edges. This caused a dimming of the flames and with each crackle and sizzle the lighting became lower and lower until the jug was empty and the fire was nothing but embers at the middle of the fire pit. Seeming satisfied with her work the older woman spoke, "Good evening my friends. What a blessed day it is no?" She looked around as smiles and nods were given by the crowd around her, "The birth of a new child of the gods is always a blessing in their eyes,"She says with a single nod, "And in these blessed times it is to them that we must give our thanks. To the motherĀ  in the night and our father in the day, for it is to them that we owe each of our lives. They protect us in our times of need and revel with us now in our times of joy." A small smile crosses the old woman's face as she looks up, gazing at Selune and her tears as she continues, "Let us pray," she bows her head and the entirety of the crowd does the same. Their joyous prayers being given up to the moon and the sun.

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