The Lair

The undead creature stood, staring at the bandit who'd so foolishly assaulted him on his way back to the lair he'd come to call home. The fallen being maintained a constant smirk, eyeing the idiot with amusement and hunger. "What a shithole you've gotten yourself into, buddy... no way out... and if you ever try to escape, the skeletons in this room will swarm you and kill you swiftly. You've only got one choice - let me drink your blood each day, so I don't wither away... and I'll feed you, I'll water you, I'll give you a place to sleep. But when I release you from your mental bonds, you'd best not try to run... or I'll ensure that iron maiden finds somebody calling it their new home." With that, he dug his teeth into the throat of the outlaw, drawing the life force from him. It was refreshing beyond words.

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