The heart of the wolf is the pack.

Beldr was born in the foot hills near the mountains of the Small Teeth. A days ride east of Murann, in an unnamed village that is usually missed.

Beldrs family, while part of nobility, was of moderate wealth. Using most of it to support the village they lived in. The village couldn't help but speak well of the majority of the family. The only ill they have to speak of was the village drunk, Beldr's uncle on his mother's side Ralph King. Beldr's family have a strong relation to the temple of Siamorphe. Generations of worshipers coming from that family is said to be what made the village successful, safe and peaceful.

While they were peaceful, they weren't fools, training their children in use of martial weapons. Giving them the basics in the weapons that their soldiers and knights use. The family supported the queen when she strived for the throne. Sending many of their family to aid the queen's war. It was in truth Beldr's mother that led the family. While his father was the head of the house, and Beldr his heir, it was his mother, Odette King, who truly was the brains behind the ruling of this unnamed village. Perhaps it was because of a victorious unnamed hero in his mother's line that made her popular with the people, or at least partly. Due to the bards retelling tales of the King House Hero. Whether or not any of those tales were true is unknown to this day. More so now than ever.

Due to the close ties to the Siamorphe temple, Beldr learned a lot in terms of religious texts. Often enjoying the philosophical discussions on how nobles are meant to lead the people and how power vacuums often leads to anarchy and why. This continued to his formal education, taking his training as a squire seriously in preparation for when he might be called upon to war. Still dueling with philosophical ideas about the holy texts Siamorphe temple had. When it was time to learn a trade, however, he decided to dive into politics. Knowing that one day he'll need to take over his father's land in ruling.

In his early years, it was a personal epiphany that started his training as a paladin. It wasn't due to a divine intervention, or meeting a king, but rather having a philosophical debate with the head of his local Siamorphe temple. The wizened old man often enjoyed having those debates with him and it made Beldr realize something: nobles are born into the role of nobility as they are chosen to protect the people. This is what sparked his desire to join the ranks of the barony of Tethyr. Perhaps to higher heights on the political ladder.

In his youth however, he spoke against his father in a potential law that was being discussed for his village. The crops were overflowing and people were wondering what to do with the over abundance of food. Beldr spoke out against wasting the extra and suggested a different route. Trading with the villages neighbors. Considering it was about a days ride to the nearest city they could bring in slightly larger revenue of funds for the citizens to enjoy. This caused his father to be proud of his son, though many of the advisors were embarrassed that they didn't think of this.

Out of the survivors of his family, it was known that his parents was slain defending his home and their people. About fifteen living relatives remained. Most of them was out of the village when the battle came. Not that it mattered to Bel, he didn't blame them for not helping. They couldn't have known. His younger brother, Tony Wolfheart, was taken as a squire to one of the queens surviving barons. Bel would often write to him about his adventures. His grandparents were unknown to Bel. It was said they had long since been dead, but no grave of theirs was in the village graveyard, nor was there a tomb for them.

Bel would learn that it was a political enemy of his father that did the attack on his home village. It was unknown if the lord was still alive after the war, but it didn't matter to Bel. The village held no strategic value, so the only plausible reason was revenge against his father for defeating him in a duel of honor. His instructor, the head priest of the Siamorphe temple, had survived. Advising Bel to put the thought of vengeance out of his mind and focus on his duty as a paladin and knight to the queen.

But it wasn't till war came to the village during the current queens war of succession that pivoted Bel to what he is now. He was a young adult now. Having just finished his training and was about to be knighted when War came. It destroyed his village, and his parents died in defense of the people. The queen arrived with reinforcements, and rather than wallowing in his grief, he decided to take up arms and aid the queen. It's been a year since the war was over, but he was knighted by the queen on the field of battle. A great honor for him.

Known Languages: Common, Elven

Family tree:

Current Generation:

Beldr Wolfheart

Tony Wolfheart (younger brother by five years.)


Father's side:

Will "Marc" Wolfheart (Beldr and Tony's father. KIA)

Cathy (Aunt Cat) Wolfheart (Bel's aunt.)

Mother's Side

Odette King (Bel's Mother, KIA)

Ralph King (Uncle, MIA) Possibly drunk.

"Baby" Jenny King (Aunt, is short. Thus the name.)

Gary King (Uncle)


Father's Side:

Grandfather: Gunthar Wolfheart (MIA or KIA, unknown.)

Grandmother: Pauline Pierson (Unknown)

Mother's Side:

Grandfather: Zoltan King. (Unknown)

Grandmother: Suzan Walsh (Unknown)

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