The Forest Warden

Davkas grew up far north he can't remember where but he knows it was always cold, At age 2 his father died and his mother longer wanted Davkas she thought it would ruin her chances of finding a new husband so he was thrown out like trash into a thick forest and left to die. He wondered for days crying trying to find his mother who left him to die but he never found her finally he gave up and laid down accepting his fate. He was found by a Wild elf whom was by herself she gave him a looking over a few times a noticed his ears weren't human so she picked him up and carried him away. She protected Davkas for years to come teaching him how to speak elven and taught him how to hunt and protect the forest, He grew up along side her wolf pup and a few other animals whom she had known for years and cared for. When Davkas hit the age of 14 it was time for him to return to society. He took him to a home of a family who lost there son years ago and knocked on the door leaving a note and leaving Davkas to the family she embraced him and waved goodbye as she ran off into the forest. A large man opened the door looking davkas up and down and looked at the state of him and Davkas clearly had the look of he hasn't belonged anywhere else other then the forests. Davkas started to learn how to speak common from his new father and mother and taught how to live with humans. Davkas was bullied alot for not being able to speak common properly by other kids and was bullied for his half elven heritage. Davkas ended up getting in alot of fights. One kid older then him cut the tip of one of his ears off and spat on him.. which to the kids regret he had his whole left ear cut clean off by davkas a few years later.

Davkas aged 24 left to make his way in the world as a Tracker, Warden and pathfinder.
He took on jobs here and there from people having issues with nature or wild life in which Davkas always found ways that both sides would be happy.

at the age of 28 Davkas entered a town that was being attacked. The attackers were winning the fight but not by much, he spotted a knight whom was about to get hit in the back by a large axe... Davkas put himself in the way of the axe and the Knight and was struck down.. barely breathing but he had protected the knight and the knight slew the man.. the Knight dragged davkas off and put him on his horse and they rode like hell away from the burning village. Davkas awoke a few weeks later with his wounds healed laying the a Keeps walls .. they were new to his eyes but he knew he was in a keep non the less. He looked over and the Knight was sitting by his side making sure he lived through it. The knight leaped up as Davkas slowly wobbled himself up into a sitting state and the knight called for his father. Davkas did not realize until The man the knight called in was a lord... and had not known the knight was the lords son.

Davkas stayed with the family until he was back on his feet. He held a great feast and even the Queen Zaranda Star herself was invited. Davkas was allowed to sit next to the Knight and his Father in the feast. The lord stated he was glad that Davkas saved his sons life and from that point he wished to dub Davkas Dawntracker a Knight. The Queen was more then happy for this and thus Davkas was Knighted.

Davkas had a rough life but he manged to get through all of it.

Davkas now 35 lives just outside of The Village of Brost.

He is now Warden of Brost and a Warden of the forests and the lands.

He is ready to protect this place even if it costs him his life

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