The Agis Report

Published in places around the county of Brost in Duchy Noromath, the Knights of Agis assembled the following report for consumption by travelers and adventurers alike.

With all postings the following advisory is given before the concise contents of the report.

"The Agis Report is collected by the Knights of Agis, serving Queen Zaranda Star of Tethyr. This information is to be used in the pursuit of a safer and more prosperous Tethyr for all.

Long live the Queen,
Lord-Knight Iybn Sakhir El-Agis"

Amnian Front Freeman's Holde Deserter Hideout -
Amnian Front Ulmerton Tower Occultist Hideout Occultists
Amnian Overlook Amnian Overlook: Ruins Werewolf Den Werewolves
Brost Arundel Manor Undead Infestation Zombies
Brost Brost Cemetery Crypt Occultist Hideout Occultists
Brost Duskwood Bend Undead Infestation Zombies
Brost Mushroom Farm Goblin Warren Goblins
Ingress Tunnel Tejarn Gate Spider Hive Spiders
Lockwood Falls Fort Noromath Infernal Infestation Devils
Lockwood Falls Lockwood Falls Mines Vermin Infestation Ankhegs
Lockwood Tradeway Castle Ivywood Smuggler's Den Brigands
Tejarn Crypts Tejarn Gate Crypt areas Skeletons
Tejarn Road Sentinel Pass Sentinel Tower Ruins Skeletons
Tejarn Road Sentinel Pass Sentinel Tower Ruins: Lower Skeletons
Tejarn Road Amnian Mining Passage Occultist Hideout Occultists
Tejarn Road Amnian Mines Occultist Hideout Occultists, Devils
Tejarn Trail Hidden Covenant Occultist Hideout Occultists
Tejarn Trail Southern Sinkhole Bullywug Grotto Bullywugs
Tejarn Trail Suoress Hamlet Demonic Infestation Dretches, Manes
Tejarn Trail Suoress Hamlet Manor House Demonic Infestation Dretches, Manes
Tejarn Trail Suoress Hamlet Elven Ruins Devilish Infestation Devils
Tejarn Trail Tejarn Cemetery Undead Infestation Zombies
Tejarn Trail Tejarn Mausoleum Undead Infestation Skeletons
Tejarn Trail Zarandt's Pond Bandit Hideout Bandits
Tejarn Trail Zarandt's Pond Bandit Cellar Bandits
Tethir Road Tejarn Road Crossroads Fetid Cave Gibberlings
Tethir Road Sothelissian Encampment Goblinoid Warfront Goblinoids, Giants
Tethir Road Sothelissian Encampment: Hive Goblin Warrens Goblinoids
Umar Hills Umar Mines Brigand Hideout Brigands
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