Tasks for the Barony

This page is intended to summarize several tasks that can be undertaken for the benefit of a character's barony. In some cases, a character can do the task without being officially enrolled in a particular barony.

Some baronies allow outsiders to gain access to their bankers, while others restrict access to their bankers to a private clientele who can access a particular of their castle. In either case, the tax collected is added to the baronies coffers and the tax rate is able to be set by the baron.

Anyone can turn in bounties in the name of a barony. Appointed military officers collect bounties in various areas around the County, which are then awarding a stipend for each bounty turned in. Gold (aenar) is awarded as well as experience points for an individual turning in a bounty, and an amount of tax is collected on the bounty and paid to the barony.

Baronies produce excess supplies. Gathering these supplies begins with finding the quartermaster of a particular site. Collecting supplies can be done every so often. The supplies are then delivered to quartermasters at settlements of that barony for an experience point and gold award for the individual as well as a benefit to the barony. Once settlements are receiving supplies, they will begin producing goods. These goods can be bought. The goods can be then be turned in back at the barony for an additional experience reward for the individual and gains for the barony.

Certain positions on trade routes have defensive outposts that can become overrun. In order to retake these positions, a character must possess an insignia item for a particular barony. After defeating the occupying force, the insignia bearer will flag the area for their barony's forces to retake the area after a brief time. There is an experience award to the party for this task.

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