Summoning Changes

All Summon Creature, Planar, and Undead Spells have been changed on the Knights of Noromath.

Because Druids have a stronger bond to animals, they have a special summon list that calls upon a stronger animal type regardless of their current terrain, never summoning true monsters.

Standard Summon Creature Spell Results Based on Area Type

Summon Creature I small spider wolf goblin dire frog wolf
Summon Creature II large spider hobgoblin gnoll  lizardfolk gnoll
Summon Creature III sword spider ankheg bugbear giant lizard ankheg
Summon Creature IV gray ooze werewolf ogre gray ooze werewolf
Summon Creature V ochre jelly large ankheg minotaur ochre jelly large ankheg
Summon Creature VI otyugh wyvern troll wyvern troll
Summon Creature VII umber hulk shambling mound hill giant shambling mound  shambling mound
Summon Creature VIII stone golem greater werewolf ogre mage lizardfolk hero greater werewolf

Standard Undead Summoning Spells Based on Caster Level

Animate Dead skeletal warrior skeletal footman skeletal sentry    skeletal knight    skeletal sentinel
Create Undead (Blackguard) wraith spectre vampire weapon master   vampire huntress   death knight
Create Undead  vampire warrior vampire weapon master vampire huntress   vampire wizardress -
Create Greater Undead vampire knight death knight epic death knight   dread lord -
Mummy Dust dread lord ancient mummy warrior ancient mummy priest   ancient wizard king -
Negative Plane Avatar shadow shadow, greater shadow fiend   shadow lord -
Summon Shadow shadow shadow, greater shadow fiend   shadow lord -
Summon Undead Animal carrion eater dread spider dread wolf   dread boar dread ox

Standard Planar Summoning Results Based on Alignment

AlignmentLesser Planar BindingPlanar Binding/Planar AllyGreater Planar BindingGate
Lawful Good lantern archon hound archon celestial avenger planetar
Neutral Good lantern archon lupinal lupinal hero lupinal champion
Chaotic Good lantern archon bralani ghaele ghaele champion
Neutral (All) red slaad green slaad death slaad githzerai monk
Lawful Evil  imp erinyes cornugon pit fiend
Neutral Evil shadow shadow, greater shadow fiend shadow lord
Chaotic Evil dretch succubus vrock balor



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