Suggested Character Concepts

On the Knights of Noromath server, there are truly a multitude of potential character concepts thanks to our extensive customization options.

The following page is intended to serve as a resource for those starting out on the Knights of Noromath who may be uncertain where to begin. The following character options are considered to be good recommendations based on our campaign, but are by no means intended to prohibit any other selections available.

Blackcoat Theocrat Helm The Blackcoat Theocrat of Helm may have been formally or informally dispatched from the Helmite Inquisition to investigate various troubles around the Village of Brost.
Bladesinger Duke's Warband Elven Pantheon Bladesingers sent from the Duke's Warband have specific directives concerning the giving of aid to local barons as much as preserving the local Wealdath.
Cleric Healer Ilmater The Cleric Healer of Ilmater may have served under the previous baron of Southspire Barony, or they may be a pilgrim in search of the Hospice of Ilmater.
Druid Circle Born Silvanus The Circle Born Druid of Silvanus may have come from the village of Mosstone to seek out the troubles with the groves around Brost, or they may be a secret member of the Shadow Circle.
Fighter Knight Siamorphe A Fighter Knight of Siamorphe has likely journeyed from the distant Tethyrian City State of Waterdeep, perhaps to claim lands for their family or for the Order of the Silver Chalice.
Fighter/Rogue Duelist Waukeen A Fighter/Rogue Duelist of Waukeen might be seeking a better fortune in Tethyr, alongside the other 115,000 Amnians in the metropolis of Riatavin that recently defected to Amn's southern neighbor.
Paladin Crusader Kelemvor The Paladin Crusader of Kelemvor may have come from afar after word of a prestigious Cult of the Skeletal Hand being founded in Brost.
Ranger Scout Mielikki The Ranger Scout of Mielikki may have served in the Tethyrian Military or a local militia. They might be headed toward the Ranger's Rest, a famous temple of Mielikki located in Brost.
Spellfire Channeler Spellfire Lineage Mystra Believing themselves to be uniquely gifted by Mystra, the Spellfire Channeler might be hiding from Zhentarim in the south where their influence is not as great as in other regions.
Warlock Affluence Gargauth The Affluent Warlock of Gargauth may aspire to join the guild of Shield Knights, or they might simply seek their own properties for the privacy their status can afford them.
Wizard Calishite Trained Mage Azuth The Calishite Trained Wizard of Azuth has likely come to Brost seeking to understand disturbances in the local Weave, or perhaps to investigate the high density of spellfire channelers purported to be in the area.
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