Suffocation and Drowning

On the Knights of Noromath server, there are a variety of unique environments players may find themselves in. Such areas might include the interior of an active volcano, or even otherworldly environments like those of other planes of existence. Some areas of the Underdark might include low-oxygen environments which challenge surface dwelling characters in particular.

Many types of creatures are immune to effects such as suffocation and specific races receive bonuses that enable them to go farther in specified environments, depending on the circumstantial modifiers involved.

A character whose oxygen score is reduced to zero falls unconscious at 0 HP. They will proceed to bleed out unless they make the normal save to recover (10%).

A character who is healed while at zero HP regains a small amount of breath.

The following additions to the Crafting system have been made to complement the effects of this system:
-Necklace of Adaptation (Uses Craft Wondrous Item Feat)
-Breath Potions (Uses Bew Potion Feat)

Several interactive placeable types have been created which allow characters deprived of oxygen to replenish their breath.

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