Spellfire Channelers

Spellfire Channelers have numerous implemented systems on the Knights of Noromath server.

  1. Untrained Spellfire Channelers
  2. Spellfire Pool
  3. Gaining Spellfire Pool
  4. Spending Spellfire Pool
  5. Feedback Damage
  6. Known Immunity to Spells
  7. Spellfire Blast Exceptions

Untrained Spellfire Channelers
When a character has the Spellfire Lineage background but has not yet invested any levels in the Spellfire Channeler prestige class, they are in a dangerous predicament. They cannot effectively cast spells due to the latent power of their Spellfire talents, which devour the magic accidentally. Such characters are often ejected from magical tutelage, told they have 'no talent,' and so on.  Upon gaining their first level in the Spellfire Channeler class, they no longer suffer from spell failure of this nature, having gained at least a measure of control over their abilities.

Spellfire Pool
All Spellfire Channelers can sense their current Spellfire Pool, or amount of charges they are currently storing. Using the "-spellfire" command reveals this information to the Spellfire Channeler.

Gaining Spellfire Pool
Several known sources of Spellfire energy exist, foremost among them being spells targeted at the Spellfire Channeler. With the exception of cantrips or orisons, all spells cast directly upon a Spellfire Channeler contribute one charge to their Spellfire Pool to a maximum of fifty charges. Other methods of gaining Spellfire Pool include being struck with fire damage, and being in areas containing exceptional connection with the Weave.

Spending Spellfire Pool
Certain Spellfire Channeler abilities utilize Spellfire Pool, including Spellfire Blast and Spellfire Healing. Otherwise, Spellfire Channeler abilities are usable on a times per day basis as noted.

Feedback Damage
Exceeding fifty Spellfire Pool for any reason, as well as using abilities when at maximum or at zero capacity, will cause a Spellfire Channeler to suffer from feedback damage. Like all Spellfire damage, one component of this damage is magic and the other is fire.

Known Immunity to Spells
Aside from the abilities a Spellfire Channeler possesses in terms of resisting spells, even unconscious Spellfire Channelers are immune to disintegrate spell. Charms, domination and similar magic also fail when used on a Spellfire Channeler.

Spellfire Blast Exceptions
In the event that a Spellfire Channeler is exceptionally trained with the Weave, their Spellfire Blast ability will become more powerful. Classes with an arcane persuasion benefit considerably from this, with clerics, bards and druids receiving a minor benefit. Spellfire Blast is also particularly effective against undead who are sustained by magic, so liches and revenants are examples of undead that will suffer empowered damage. Vampires are sustained by the life force of their victims, which makes them uniquely able to avoid this extra damage.

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