Spell Changes on Knights of Noromath

This page is intended to summarize changes to spellcasting of all kinds of the Knights of Noromath server.

Spell Components & Eschew Materials
Spell components are required to cast many arcane and divine spells.

Arcane spellcasters require several types of focus items which are reusable, but foci can still be randomly consumed 3% of the time simply from using them for a spell. Other material components are consumed every time a spell is cast, and some spells require no material component at all. A spellbook item lists all spells requiring a material component, except as noted on this site.

Divine casters require a holy symbol in order to satisfy the DF or divine focus requirement listed for most divine spells. The symbol can be held in either hand or worn in the necklace slot. A cleric's specialty weapon is also considered a holy symbol for the purpose of spells requiring a divine focus. A prayer book item lists all spells requiring a divine focus or other material component.

Eschew Materials feat enables a character to cast a spell without the required components up to 4th spell level by spending experience points. A character must toggle the Eschew Materials feat on in order to spend experience points in this way. Otherwise, a spell for which the components are lacking is lost from memory.

Summoning Spell Changes
Summon Creature spells, undead creation or summoning, and planar summoning spells have all been revised. Summoned creatures appear based on the area in which they are cast, undead creation spells generally work off of caster level, and planar summoning spells work off of caster alignment.

Learn more about summoning changes, here.

Gestalt Spellcasting
 The Knights of Noromath supports the ability of spellcasters to stack their relevant caster levels for the purpose of calculating caster level based effects. They also stack their non-relevant caster levels, but at a reduced rate.

More information on Gestalt Spellcasting

Changes to Clerical Domains
All clerical domains have been revised to match 3.5 edition domain spell lists as closely as possible.

New domains include Charm, Darkness, Fate, Illusion, Seldarine, and Time domains. See the official list of clerical domains for each deity, here.

Changes to Clerical Spell Availability
The power you can receive from a deity is based upon the strength of that deity in Faerun. Demigods are only able to grant their priests up to 3rd level spells, and lesser deities are able to grant 6th level spells to their followers. Intermediate or greater deities are the only beings granted up to 9th level spells to their followers in the realms.

Paladin Spell Changes
Paladins no longer receive greater magic weapon or holy sword spells, as these features have been migrated to the Holy Avenger. Paladins receive detect undead instead of detect evil.

Learn more about paladin holy avengers, here.

Spells Not Affecting Undead Players
The following spells either do not affect undead at all or have mitigated effect.

Acid fog | Blindness/deafness | Cloudkill | Dirge | Drown | Flesh to stone | Great Thunderclap | Healing sting | Horrid Wilting | Implosion | Infestation of Maggots | Mass blindness/deafness | Ray of Enfeeblement | Regenerate | Stinking cloud

Spells Affecting Undead Players
The following spells affect undead in a specific way, beneficial or not.

Control Undead | Cure Critical Wounds | Cure Light Wounds | Cure Minor Wounds | Cure Moderate Wounds | Cure Serious Wounds | Harm | Heal | Healing Circle | Inflict Critical Wounds | Inflict Light Wounds | Inflict Minor Wounds | Inflict Moderate Wounds | Inflict Serious Wounds | Mass Heal | Negative Energy Burst | Negative Energy Ray | Negative Energy traps | Searing Light | Stone Bones |Sunbeam | Sunburst | Undeath to Death |
Warlock Eldritch Negative Blast

New Spells
The following spells are new or planned for the server.

Affliction* | Aganazzar's Flame Wave | Aspect of the Deity, Lesser* | Blasphemy* | Blood of the Martyr* | Blur | Call Lightning Storm* | Chill Touch* | Claws of Darkness | Command Undead* | Corrosive Grasp* | Crushing Despair* | Darkbolt | Daylight | Deep Slumber* | Detect Evil | Detect Undead | Dimension Door |Disintegrate* | Disrupt Undead* | Divine Sacrifice* | False Life* | Fleshshiver* | Glibness* | Good Hope* | Halt Undead* | Heroism | Heroism, Greater* | Hypnotic Pattern*| Lantern Light* | Lively Step* | Lullaby* | Memory Rot* | Polar Ray* | Rage | Rainbow Pattern* | Scorching Ray | Shadow Spray* | Shadow Well* | Smite Infidel | Summon Mount | Summon Undead Animal | Teleport | Transport via plants

Find the best reference for newly documented spells, here.


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