Some Prominent Knightly Orders in Tethyr

The Champions vigilant: This Tethyrian Knightly order is more than two hundred years old and has more than two thousand members. it is very prestigious and popular, having saved untold lives from corrupt barons and bandits during their lands civil war. The order consists of clerics, fighters, and paladins of Helm. Its leader is High Watch Toram Gyvalstorm. It has fortified bases in Saradush, Survale Ford, and Velen. Paladins of this order can multiclass freely as clerics and divine champions.

Knights of Holy Judgement: This order of Tyr's paladins focuses on the more lawful aspects of the god's philosophy, and hunts and punishes criminals and monsters- particularly devils- which it sees as abhorrent perversions of a lawful society. The order has approximately one hundred members. It is on very good terms with the Knights of the Merciful Sword, another Tyrran Order. Paladins of Holy Judgement can multiclass freely as clerics and divine champions.

The Companions of the Noble Heart: ONe of the Ilmataran Paladin orders, these aggressive heroes are tasked with eliminating the cruel and those who are known to enjoy the torture and suffering of others. THe church of Loviatar is their greatest enemy and they take great joy in tearing her temples down to the foundation once the evil followers within are dead. They are friendly with their peaceful counterparts, the ORder of the Golden Cup. Paladins of this order can multiclass freely as divine champions and fighters.

The church of Kelemvor recently created this order to seek out and destroy powerful undead that tax the powers of the normal branches of the church. Its stronghold, a small fortified keep outside Iraebor, can house all thirty-five members of the order plus support staff, though at any time approximately half of the members are away from home, in search of undead to slay. Paladins of this order can multiclass freely as blackcoats, clerics or rangers.

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