Skill Changes

The following page is intended to summarize the skill changes on the Knights of Noromath Server.

Social Skills

On the Knights of Noromath server, the following class skills have been added for all classes.


These social skills are to be used in NPC interactions only- we do not recommend or enforce skill checks made against other players. Instead, we follow the Player's Handbook which suggests that deception and betrayal and impressing your fellow players should all happen in-character.

Combat Skills

Discipline - Unmodified on KON
Parry - Unmodified on KON
Ride Skill - Used in combination with the Mounted Combat Feat, this is an effective way to gain bonus AC while mounted. Each round, a player rolls 1d20+ Ride skill + Dexterity modifier and the result is divided by five to determine the AC modifier for that round of combat.

Crafting Skills

Craft Armor, Craft Weapon, and Craft Trap skills are all unused on KON. Please see our Non-Weapon Proficiencies for item crafting possibilities. Other actions such as creating traps will use the Combiner and Crafting Box and be based on classes and backgrounds. (coming soon)

Heal Skill

The Heal skill is very important for nearly all characters on KON. This skill can be utilized in a few ways and requires only ranks in the Heal skill to be effective.

Apply a "raw" herb - Bloodpurge, Bloodstaunch, and Silverbark Sap can be utilized by PCs in their unprocessed forms. These uses of the Heal skill benefit from a synergy bonus if the character also has Herbalism proficiency.

Bandages - A bandage can be created by placing a hand of garlic and a set of rags in your Crafting Box. Use your Combiner item on the Crafting Box to perform the action. It costs 2 GP to create bandages in this way, and if you fail a DC 10 heal check, the attempt fails.

A bandage can be applied to a dying PC to stop them from bleeding out. This requires the normal heal check by the character attempting to save the character bleeding out. This action cannot be performed in combat.

If a player is not bleeding out, the only way a bandage can be applied to them is if they first remove their armor. Then, a bandage will help them recover a number of hit points equal to 1d6+1/2 the Heal skill + the Wisdom modifier of the character applying it.

Salve - A salve can be created in the same manner that bandages are created. They require a Bloodstaunch herb and an empty bottle. Making a salve requires a DC 12 Heal check that costs 5 GP. Healing salves of this sort heal 1d4 HP.

Treatment - A treatment can be created in the same manner that bandages and salves are created. They require a sample of Belladonna and an empty bottle. Making a treatment requires a DC 15 Heal check that costs 75 GP. This produces a powerful cure disease effect, equivalent to a spell.

Antidote - An antidote can be created in the same manner that bandages, salves, and treatments are created. They require a sample of Bloodpurge and an empty bottle to create. Making an antidote requires a DC 20 Heal check that costs 150 GP. This produces a powerful remove poison effect, equalivant to a spell.

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