Rumors of Drow in Brost

Drow are relatively common in the south, and their presence in Brost and surrounding hamlets has not gone unnoticed. Whether drow are escaping the harsh life of the Underdark or escaping from slavery in Calimshan, they cannot look forward to an easy life in the Tethyrian highlands.

For the most part, being a drow itself is not grounds for arrest, but time and place is everything. Over time, individual drow have committed crimes that have impacted the perception of drow variously across the landscape. A writ of travel may not be considered enough for a drow in a suspicious situation or for a drow who meets a knight with a prejudice against their kind. Being driven out of town is one of the best possible outcomes from such a confrontation; push it too far or refuse to obey a knight, and the life of a drow may as well be forfeit.

In the Lockwood Falls estate in the southern area of the county, drow have an open bounty and are to be captured or killed on sight. This is due to events that took place in that specific barony and was decreed by the Baroness of Lockwood Falls. Individuals who prove they have killed a drow can expect a reward and honors for doing so, a position that wins Lockwood Falls support from its nearby population of Elmanesse elves.

The elves of the Wealdath have resisted incursion by the drow for generations, and some of the Sy'Tel'Quessir or wild elves consider the differences between elves and drow to be truly unreconcilable. They will stop at nothing to see drow ridden from their lands at whatever cost.

In contrast to the situation in Lockwood Falls, Southspire Keep has long been home to the drow. With its Calishite leaders, Southspire Hold is known to value exotic skills and appeal and drow certainly can be considered to possess both. Even if their traits are viewed as a commodity, it is safer than other places. But, all drow in Southspire Hold can be assured that their well being comes from being viewed as the baron's property, one way or another.


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