Resource Collection

On the Knights of Noromath server, there are dozens of collectible resources which all characters can seek out.

In addition to the proficiencies of mining and wood gathering and hunting, there are now a host of other materials which can be used in spell casting, potion brewing, and other purposes, with some materials being useful for multiple ends.

All collectible resources are placed on a timer which may randomly reset itself, with the exception of creature remains. In other words, our resources will replenish on a more or less unpredictable schedule. This is to encourage you to explore often and return to your best collection spots often.

Rubble Piles have been added which can be searched every once in a while using a character's search skill.

Certain backgrounds, proficiencies, skills or other modifiers apply to character finding things in rubble piles.
-Rubble piles may include gold pieces, historical artifacts, and in more rare cases potions or scrolls can be found
-Characters with History proficiency find historical artifacts more often, being able to better recognize such items of value
-Characters with the Survival proficiency are a bit more resourceful with scavenging rubble piles
-Characters with a talent for magical study have a benefit to finding magical items in ruins, detecting them by their magical auras
Chests which are bashed now have their contents destroyed, resulting in only gold being found.

Creature remains can sometimes be salvaged for bounties, spell components or other purposes, but sometimes the hunting proficiency is required to acquire a given resource. Even if a character does not possess hunting proficiency, they can still make the relevant check at a -10 penalty.

In the cases of mining ores or gathering wood from a tree, characters without the relevant proficiency may also attempt to gather the resource at a -10 penalty.

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