Recommended Reading

Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting - The setting we play in. Spoiler risk: low.

Player's Guide to Faerun - Information specifically for players in the Forgotten Realms setting. Spoiler risk, low.

Lands of Intrigue: Boxed Set - Don't read this. Use the information on our various pages, as these books contain the majority of information used most closely on our server. Spoiler Risk: High.

Empires of the Shining Sea: Boxed Set - Highly recommended, contains the majority of information used when imagining Calimshan. Spoiler Risk: Medium.

Spellfire, Shandril's Saga Book I - Highly recommended, tells the tale of a maid who discovers she was born with the awesome power of Spellfire, and her ensuing conflicts with the Cult of the Dragon. Spoiler Risk: Low.

Spellfire, Shandril's Saga Book II - Highly recommended, continues the tale of the thief from the Company of the Bright Spear, and her ongoing conflicts with the Banite Zhentarim. Spoiler Risk: Low.

Elminster, The Making of a Mage - Highly recommended, tells the tale of the most powerful mage in the realms and his humble beginnings from the time long before Tyche split into Tymora and Beshaba. Spoiler Risk: Low.

Elminster in Myth Drannor - Highly recommended, tells the tale of Elminster in Cormanthor, prior to its renaming of Myth Drannor. Spoiler Risk: Low.

Faiths and Avatars - Highly recommended, details the dogma, histories and unique offerings of the powers of Faerun, such as specialty priest class kits and unique spells. Spoiler Risk: Low.

Complete Druid's Handbook - Highly recommended, contains critical information about the formation of druidic circles, sacred groves, and offers much about unique druid class kits. Spoiler Risk: Low.

Complete Paladin's Handbook - Highly recommended, contains essential information about the edicts followed by Paladins and offers many class kit choices. Spoiler Risk: Low.

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