Ravens of the Sky



Born to the plains between the cities of Mosstone and Port Kir in the Kingdom of Tethyr. The village held no name and it was barely big enough to be called one, with a population of little over four hundred and fifty.

The temple of Siamorphe raised Andrew and helped rear his two brothers and sister. Rick, Bob, and Deborah Skyraven. During their stay with the temple, they worked hard. Earning a positive relation with the temple and the Order of the Silver Chalise. Privately, and even publicly, they hold a neutral stance on things. While they up held rules, they didn't want to sway the children's development one way or another.

Andrew's father became part of the Siamorphe temple as a cleric knight. Along with many members of his family. Mostly older cousins and his Uncle Ted. But it is no surprise with large families, there would be a black sheep or two. Less than a fourth of the family turned their backs on teh temple. Seeking adventure and glory in other means than serving the people.

It wasn't till Andrew was old enough to start training to become a knight that his family was assigned to a lord to lead the knights that was within the family. He served the lord as a page, and his family serving in various parts to help support the political system. Striving to live up to his father's expectations. Training hard in swordplay, and focusing on manners in the courts. It was tales of his ancestor who was a victorious hero that drove him on. Exaggerated tales speak of how this nameless hero helped fight back against overwhelming odds to protect the citizens. Whether or not this was true, no one could tell.

At an early age, Andrew loved to read. This continued as he started to write poetry, and even wrote a short story or two to entertain his lord with. But when it came to trade, Andrew felt at home with a sword and shield. Learning military tactics, strategies, and even tricks to use that didn't stain a knights honor, though was still disliked by many of the knights.

While no one believes him, he swear he saw the goddess Siamorphe while praying one day. The viewing was brief but it resolved his desire to be useful to the goddess. His use of divine magic wasn't strong enough to become a cleric to the goddess, but his father, before his tragic fate, was a chevalier, which gave him the right to follow in his footsteps. Taking the path of a paladin instead.

It wasn't till his youth that he learned that to be a paladin of Siamorphe, he had to be a knight. He would start writing various oaths of fealty to say when he might be before the queen of Tethyr in his free time. Or another high ranking noble. The temple was astonished that he was so diligent in his studies of Tethyrian Law and his research into Siamorphe's teachings. He grew a special hatred for necromancers, and plague bearers in his studies. Finding those two to be distasteful to even talk about.

It wasn't till the war started in the latter years of his training. Though his family faught proudly at the would-be queens side, Andrew was left to finish his training. The temple he lived at with his family, however was attacked by the Blighted. It's still unknown if they were part of the war effort to demoralize troops or if they were on their own, but what is known is the damage they caused. It reinforced Andrews will to become a paladin as he fearlessly helped defend the temple. Realizing that the way to protect this nation was to aid in it's rulership.

His father died during the war to place the queen upon her throne. While Andrew didn't feel shame in that, he doesn't speak much about his father as his mother is often on his mind. It was due to the Blighted that his mother fell ill. The temple was willing to give aid to the ill woman. His grandfather, on his mothers side, being one of the priests there. His grandmother tended the gardens. What was left of the large family was twenty two cousins, aunts and uncles.

Andrew did have a friend, but we was sent to the wars with the other knights as a Valet. It isn't clear if he was killed or still missing in action. Many knights went looking and came back without news many times. But with friends comes enemies. Unknown to Andrew, he earned an enemy who was hurt many years ago by losing an argument in philosophy to him. Rumors claim he became wild and seeked to use the law for his own gain.

In the waning years of his training, he was taught by an elven swordsman and paladin of Tyr, an ally of Siamorphe. Under his guidance, he learned how to use a longsword, think clearly on various aspects, and what it means to be a paladin, even challenged him to make it further in his ranks than his father before him. Now he adventures Tethyr, aiding the lords or to join them and help govern the people he's to defend, is his desire, his mission, and his hope.

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  1. Shadowtim3
    Skyraven Family Tree: Father: Sir John Tock Skyraven (KIA) Mother: Leanna Brown (Ill) Brothers: Rick and Bob Skyraven Sister: Deborah Skyraven Mother's side Siblings: Aunts: Florenda, Goldie, Zena Brown Uncle: Ted Brown Father's Parents: Lucas Skyraven (Grandfather) (KIA) Kerry Zorn (Grandmother) (Deceased) Mother's Parents: Mike Brown (Grandfather) (Refuses to retire from military service, sergeant) Charity Collins (Grandmother) (Tending to Leanna's illness.)
  2. Shadowtim3
    KIA (For those who don't know. It stands for "Killed in Action.")

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