Proclamation of Steward Danton Helmsworth of Fort Briarwood

Late in the evening two figures wandered about inside Briarwood Keep, a pale slender woman of some elven descent, well known to the local populace, and the familiar armored form of her Blademaster.  The two spoke at length in private, and the knight was seen escorting her to the gates of the keep.  After a solemn farewell he would turn back towards the dining hall while fidgeting with a ring of keys.  Putting quill to paper he would write a notice and post it beneath the eaves of the Hospice entryway.


"Attention people of Briarwood and all who traverse it's lands, the council has seen fit to remove our lady Amblecrown from her post here in the Keep.  I expect her to be treated kindly should she return to visit, also  I have been chosen to fill the role of Steward of the Keep.  I welcome all to approach and speak their mind, but intend to maintain order and provide safety for the folks of Briarwood and travelers on the Tethyr Road.  Greivances or disputes should be brought to my attention so we might work toward unity.

With Helm Watching over us, and the aid of the Triad, we shall weather all storms.

Your Steward and Knight Commander, Danton Helmsworth"

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