Knights of Noromath Official Prestige Classes

This page is intended to summarize the new prestige classes on the Knights of Noromath server, as well as summarize changes made to existing prestige classes.

New Prestige Classes

  1. Blackcoat
  2. Bladesinger
  3. Blighter
  4. Eldritch Knight
  5. Spellfire Channeler

Revised Prestige Classes

  1. Assassin
  2. Blackguard
  3. Cavalier
  4. Divine Champion
  5. Pale Master
  6. Shadow Dancer
  7. Shifter (Disabled)
  8. Other Prestige Classes

A Blackcoat investigates old Fort Noromath...
An investigator risen from the ranks of paladins or clerics, the Blackcoat specializes in field tactics and monster hunting, gaining the ability to ward his companions against enchantments for a brief time.
You have been endowed with immense authority when it comes to seeking out and destroying heresy in all forms. Whichever church you serve, you have sworn your life to even higher ideals than most clerics. You will investigate, trial, punish and purge those who infect the parish and strive always to carry out your duties, no matter how unsavory they become.
Requirements: Lawful Alignment +5 Base Attack Bonus Cleric or Paladin class levels
Hit Dice: D8
Attack Bonus: +1/Blackcoat level
Saving Throws: Good Will Saves
Class Skills: Bluff, Concentration, Craft Armor, Craft Trap, Craft Weapon, Diplomacy, Heal, Hide, Lore, Move Silently, Parry, Search, Spellcraft, Spot
Detect Undead (Ex): This ability allows a blackcoat to determine whether the creature before him is a member of the living or if it possesses a connection with the negative energy plane, as all undead do. It operates as the Paladin ability of the same name.
Spell Ward (Su): Using this power, a blackcoat may provide a protective ward for himself or another person. The ability improves with level and has a duration of one turn per blackcoat level.
Spell Ward Benefits: Protection from Evil, Aid, Clarity, Death Ward, Spell Resistance
Apothecary and Arsenal (Ex): The blackcoat has studied herbalism and is able to bless some simple tinctures for field use, in addition to some other weaponized clerical tools that can be used by clergy and laymen alike.
Invisibility Purge (Su): As the spell of the same name, a blackcoat of third level may invoke this power three times per day.
Find Traps (Su): As the spell of the same name, a blackcoat of third level may invoke this power three times per day.
Eyes of the Order (Ex): A blackcoat with Eyes of the Order has honed his ability to spot wrongdoing and may increase his Spot check by +6 for one hour. This power is usable three times per day.
True Seeing (Su): A blackcoat of 5th level may use tree seeing on himself with a duration of one hour. This power is usable three times per day

A bladesinger travels with companions in the Underdark...
A master of warfare, each bladesinger has trained for decades to gain the skill of the Bladesong; a subtle, unpredictable fighting style meant to focus upon defense while allowing the opponent to expose themselves to attacks.
You have trained in the ancient Elven arts of warfare and magic, eventually learning to blend these arts into a deadly melee form. Learning the Bladesong is an extremely demanding pursuit, requiring very discrete tactics and precise movements in battle. This path will lead you to greater honors within Elven society, where master Bladesingers display their achievement by creating their own personalized elven chain mail armor and weaponry.
Requirements: Elven, Any Arcane Class, +5 Base Attack Bonus, Combat Casting, Dodge, Weapon Focus: Longsword or Rapier, Expertise, Perform 3 Ranks, Tumble 3 Ranks
Hit Dice: D8
Attack Bonus: +1/Bladesinger level
Saving Throws: Good Fortitude Saves, Good Will Saves
Class Skills: Bluff, Concentration, Diplomacy, Lore, Ride, Spellcraft, Taunt
Bladesong Style (Su): By committing to a great amount of personal study, the Bladesinger has begun her path of fusing arcane magic with melee combat.
Arcane Armor, Arcane Sword (Su): The Bladesinger uncovers two of the secrets of the world of elven warfare, the coveted ability to make elven chainmail, albeit her own version, as well as a longsword using similar materials.

A blighter faces opposition in the Tejarn Mining Passage...

A fallen druid who gains the powers of Blightfire and Plague, this profaner of the woods also gains undead animal summons as well as corrupted wild shapes in place of his normal array.
Blighters bring desolation wherever they tread. They are always from the ranks of ex-druids who have found a new power in corrupting or destroying nature instead of revering it. Surrounded by the flames of bitterness and hatred, they consume all life around them... It is no surprise that they must practice their arts in secret due to their ways being regarded as anathema by all peoples - civilized and savage alike.
Requirements: Non-good Alignment Druid level 7
Hit Dice: D8
Attack Bonus: +3/4 Blighter levels
Saving Throws: Good Fortitude Saves, Good Will Saves
Class Skills: Bluff, Concentration, Diplomacy, Heal, Intimidate, Lore, Parry, Ride, Spellcraft
Blightfire (Su): This ability allows a Blighter to channel their desecration of forests into a vengeful blaze, burning all foes within the area of effect for 1d6 fire damage per Blighter level.
Undead Wildshape (Su): Calling upon the powers the ex-druid has gained from his destruction of nature, the blighter changes his form into that of an undead animal.
Contagion (Su): As the spell of the same name, a blighter of third level may invoke this power two times per day.
Summon Undead Animal (Su): The blighter brings an undead creature into his service. The type of undead is based upon the blighter's level.
Plague (Su): A blighter of fifth level may release a cloud of noxious miasma from his person, infecting those around him with three random diseases each.

Eldritch Knight
Any adventurer using magic and steel together might be mistaken for an Eldritch Knight...
Considered a misnomer by actual knights, these eldritch warriors have no order or organization of any kind. They do however share the trait of combining their martial studies with a study of arcane magic, producing varied and versatile combatants. The true appeal of the path of the eldritch knight is that they may advance their fighting abilities in lockstep with their magical advances, earning new spell slots and spells per day in their previous arcane class as they gain base attack bonus like a fighter.
As a result of the requirements needed to be considered an eldritch knight, many who qualify for the class are already multiclassed characters. For this reason, they are quite often humans.
A life on the road with fellow adventurers has made a dabbler into something more dangerous, the flash of spells and steel producing an uncanny display of prowess. When the best tool at hand is a sword, it can always be improved upon by the right spells.
Requirements: +1 Base Attack Bonus, Martial Weapon Proficiency, Ability to cast 3rd level arcane spells, 8 ranks in Lore, 8 ranks in Spellcraft.
Hit Dice: D6
Attack Bonus: +1 / eldritch knight levels
Saving Throws: Good Fortitude saving throws
Class Skills: Bluff, Concentration, Diplomacy Heal, Intimidate, Lore, Parry, Ride, Spellcraft

Spellfire Channeler
A spellfire channeler learns to focus their power in the swamps near the Broken Tooth...
The gift of Spellfire was said to be given to only one soul per generation, but this was not so. In truth, many could harness the unpredictable and raw power that was Spellfire, allowing them to absorb hostile spells, concentrate blasts of pure arcane fire, and heal themselves and others.
Spellfire is the raw energy of The Weave. Most who bear this gift never have the time or opportunity to develop this skill. Those who do practice their spellfire are able to hone their talent into a tool with fantastic abilities that most dabblers can only dream of.
Requirements: Spellfire Lineage Background Feat (Requires 13 Constitution), Endurance Feat
Hit Dice: D4
Attack Bonus: +1/2 Spellfire Channeler levels
Saving Throws: Good Will Saves
Class Skills: Bluff, Concentration, Diplomacy, Heal, Intimidate, Listen, Lore, Ride, Spellcraft
Spellfire Blast (Su): This ability allows a spellfire channeler to launch a blast of spellfire at a target, inflicting half fire and half raw magical damage that improves with each spellfire channeler level..
Spellfire Absorption (Su): This ability allows a spellfire channeler to absorb any hostile spell cast with her as the target.
Spellfire Healing (Touch) (Su): This ability allows a spellfire channeler to heal themselves or another person with a range of touch.
Spellfire Healing (Ranged) (Su): This ability allows a spellfire channeler to heal themselves or another person within line of sight.
Spellfire Burst (Su): This ability allows a spellfire channeler to launch a ball of spellfire at a target, doing damage to enemies within the blast radius of ten feet.
Haste (Su): This ability functions like the spell of the same name.
Crown of Fire (Su): This ability allows a spellfire channeler to surround themselves in a protective flame, granting spell resistance, damage reduction, and elemental shield effects for the duration.
Maelstrom of Fire (Su): This ability allows a spellfire channeler to release a powerful blast of spellfire energy in an area around her. This blast is so volatile, it also causes fire damage to the spellfire channeler.

Standard Prestige Class Changes

Assassins have a rich and colorful history in Tethyr. Several high profile assassinations have led to a superstition about the number five, even. These professional killers will easily find work in the south, seeing as conflicts inevitably draw upon those with their particular skills at hand.
Hide in Plain Sight (Level 8)

Blackguards are much lesser known in Tethyr. When knights are able to contact wicked powers with the intensity of their evil desires, they mostly avoid the spotlight. The powers acquired by these men and women are anathema to most Tethyrian folk.
Pitted Weapons (a Blackguard's alternative to Holy Avenger)
Smite Infidel, Infernal Strength (Level 2)
Summon Undead (Level 3)
Lesser Planar Binding (Level 5)
Planar Binding (Level 7)
Greater Planar Binding (Level 10)

Cavaliers are quite common in Tethyr, a land where the ability to ride a steed skillfully in combat can mean life or death. The cavalier blends an assortment of skills quintessential to most knights or soldiers.
Cavalier Girdle to provide kit-specific benefits
Renamed from Purple Dragon Knight

Divine Champion
Divine Champions are fairly common in Tethyr, where crusaders often seek to bring themselves closer to their deities through opportunities made available by the war. These warriors come from many different knightly orders and are as likely to be in harmony with each other as they are to be in conflict.
Renamed from Champion of Torm

Pale Master
Pale Masters in Tethyr represent the darkest students of necromancy. Known for seeking hidden knowledge and spending long hours in questionable places to find it, Pale Masters are anathema to all people and cultures. They are hunted with great zeal by many servants of the light; and with good reason.
animate dead updated
summon undead updated
summon greater undead updated

Shadow Dancers are seen in the south in dancing troupes, circuses, or a Pasha's den entertaining guests with sensual displays. They can also come from the mercenary background or even be found worshiping the goddess Shar; always finding new insights as they study the darkness.
shadow daze updated
summon shadow updated
shadow evade updated
shadow door (Level 6)
shadow knife (Level 8)
shadow mastery (Level 9)
shadow walk (Level 10)

This class has been disabled on the Knights of Noromath.

Other Prestige Classes
Other base NWN prestige classes are unchanged.

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Multiclassing on the Knights of Noromath

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