Prayer Journal: Entry 4 – A Boon and a Curse

Mistress Selune, you’ve gone and done it now. Just when I think things could not get any worse, I receive both a blessing and a curse. A boon and a black mark. Would I ask anything of you Lady of the Silver Moon, I would ask for more intelligence and wisdom, despite my half-orc heritage. I do not know how to handle my current situation, and I know that if I do not tread carefully, not only will my life be forfeit, but I will damage any opportunities for other races who may have to wander these roads.

First to your offered boon:

I was blessed beyond measure when you sent Sir Rendercaster into my life. Though he is a Knight under the banner of Tyr, his sense of justice is not harsh or restricted only to those who are human. From my study of Tyr, and the entire Triumvirate, Sir Rendercaster appears to be the epitome of what those gods truly espouse. He is his own man, despite the way that many others in the realm seem to mimic the attributes of their patron deities while also holding on to their own prejudices. His version of truth is tempered with compassion. His sense of duty is softened with compassion. His ideals of knighthood go beyond the black and white of law and order, and instead are measured with equally knightly characteristics of compassion and empathy. I would ask that you pour out your blessings upon him as well. He is worthy of compassion considering that he has taken pity upon me and has been willing to hear my side of things as I face harsh treatment based upon rumors and lies. This will come back to haunt him I fear.

He has also introduced me to your second, and perhaps greatest boon. He has introduced me to Lady Hawklin, of West Haven, who has offered me protection in return for fealty. Oh, Moon Maiden, what a two-edged sword this could be. Such an opportunity to glorify your name, and to fail all at the same time. First and foremost, and I speak this only to you, my Queen. Who in their right mind gives an entire portion of a kingdom to a lass? Nobility or not, she is so young! Hardly even an adult by human standards, yet she wields the powers of life and death, prosperity and ruin, law and chaos! Are the humans of Tethyr mad? Then again, am I being judgmental as I often accuse the humans of being? Perhaps, instead I should list her obvious qualities, and pray that these will grow and bloom in time. My life and those of her fiefdom all depend upon it. Thus, let me say that though young, she is obviously bright. Though inexperienced in the ways of the world, she is not yet tainted by them either…at least not fully. Unlike others from the nobility class, she has tempered her mind and forged her body in combat and in adventurous practices. Certainly, this is more than many of her peers. Most importantly, at least to me, is that she has obviously been touched by a goddess of her own. Tymora is her patron, and if this world has shown me anything, its that a little bit of luck at just the right time can mean the difference between success and failure. Fortune favors the bold! I just pray that her boldness is strengthened by patience and compassion.

As to the curse:

My Lady of the Silver Moon, many things have happened, and since swearing loyalty to Lady Hawklin, her fortunes have taken a drastic change. While I was away, training and seeking a closer connection to you and your power, it appears that her lands have been attacked. I pray to you, and to anyone else that can hear me, that this awful tragedy has not happened due to my presence and her kindness towards me. It seems that everywhere I go, bad fortune follows, and this terrifies me. Though I had nothing to do with the attack, and at this very moment I am seeking ways to alleviate the pain that has followed the occurrence, I cannot help but feel guilty. Would Tymora have turned her back upon Lady Hawklin due to her showing me kindness? Would Tymora put her in a position of disfavor for allowing me to join her household? Would it behoove me, for the sake of Lady Hawklin and Sir Rendercaster, to leave West Haven Keep, and go back to sleeping under the stars? I simply do not know the answer, and I am depending on you, Mistress Selune, to provide me the answers without allowing me to bring down the young Lady who has risked everything to show me compassion. Bless her, Selune, please. Bless the entire land of West Haven. If I must sacrifice my own safety and personal reputation, so that Lady Hawklin and her people may flourish, I am willing. I am yours to command.

Tell me what to do, and how to do it my Queen. I am begging you.

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