The Players Guide to the Knights of Noromath

Getting Started

  1. Campaign
    1. About the Knights of Noromath
    2. About the Village of Brost and Duchy Noromath
    3. About the Lands of Intrigue (Tethyr, Calimshan, Amn)
    4. About the Deities of the Realms in 1371
    5. About the Knights of Noromath Server Rules
  2. Character Creation
    1. Selecting Your Class Standing
    2. Selecting Your Background
    3. Selecting Your Proficiencies
    4. Selecting Your Race
    5. Selecting Your Base Classes
    6. Familiars, Animal Companions, and Henchmen
    7. Available Prestige Classes
    8. Multiclassing Considerations
    9. Available Feats
    10. Gestalt Spellcasting
    11. Spell Changes
    12. Summoning Spell Changes
  3. Roleplay
    1. The Writ of Travel
    2. The Writ of Knighthood
    3. The Laws of Tethyr
    4. The Queen's Orders
    5. Calishite Characters
    6. Tethyrian Characters
    7. Novice Clerics
    8. Monk Orders
    9. The Path to Lordship
    10. The Path of the Antagonist
    11. Elven Roleplaying Resource
    12. Magic Roleplaying Resource
    13. Character Alignment and Alignment Changes
  4. Systems
    1. Gaining Experience Points
    2. Saving Your Location
    3. Skill Changes
    4. The Crafting Box and Combiner
    5. Examine and Disguise
    6. Undead Template Support
    7. Variable Enemy Spawns
    8. Druid Grove Support
    9. Armor Donning Times and Movement Reduction
    10. Resource Collection
    11. Persistent Storage
    12. Damage Effects and Massive Damage
    13. Special Materials and Effects
    14. Character Rest and Recovery
    15. Interactive Player Corpse Item
    16. Player Console Commands
    17. Henchman Control Tool
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