The Player’s Guide to the Knights of Noromath

Getting StartedDescription
About the Knights of Noromath  Learn about our project which was founded in 2015.
The Lands of Intrigue  Learn about the countries of the south: Amn, Calimshan, and Tethyr.
The Village of Brost  Learn about the Village of Brost, the center of Brost County.
Your Character - The BasicsDescription
Choose your base class Select from many modified base classes, including the warlock class.
Choose your prestige class Select from many modified and new prestige classes.
Choose your skills Select from new skills and enjoy social skills as any class.
Choose your feats  Select from new feats and class abilities.
Your Character - CustomizationDescription
Choose your subrace Select from several unique demihuman subraces or human origins. 
Choose your class standing Select your respective place in Tethyrian society.
Choose your background  Select from over 45 options describing the unique background of your character.
Choose your deity Choose your patron deity to hold in special regard above all others in the pantheon.
Choose your non-weapon proficiencies Select three secondary skills during character generation.
Specifications for Server-Side SystemsDescription
Rest and Recovery  Learn about our custom resting system here. 
Player Console Commands Learn about the custom commands accessible to all players, includes information about emotes and languages.
Special Materials and Effects Learn about the custom item materials and properties that bring us closer to tabletop mechanics through the use of various plugins.
Damage Effects and Massive Damage Learn about the custom damage effects that help govern battles at our table. These include house rules like what happens when fire spells ignite combustible materials...
Critical Hit System Learn about how weapon size, materials, and several other modifiers are considered for critical hit severity.
Examine and Disguise Learn about the examination action and how it works with our custom disguise system.
Crafting System Learn about the crafting system and make everything from bandages, mundane equipment, unique magical items, smoke powder weapons, and hundreds of other possibilities.
Character Death Learn about the consequences of character death on the Knights of Noromath server.
Resource Collection Learn about collecting bounties, delivering supplies, securing outposts and banking your earnings.
Henchmen Learn about modified animal companions, familiars, and henchmen likes golems or bound elementals.
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