Player Managed Stores

On the Knights of Noromath server, 26 shops or trading stalls have now been added in various trading locations which can be managed by player characters.

Requirements for Shop Ownership
Depending on the location of a trading stall, there may be some requirements for ownership aside from the initial leasing of the stall. The shops in the best locations usually require a Merchant License. Shops in baronies require a barony insignia to take ownership of, and shops in less desirable locations have no additional requirements.

Duration of Lease
All purchases of a trading stall last for one real life week. Each week the owner of the shop must interact with the stall, otherwise they will be considered to have abandoned their wares. There is no additional monetary cost after the initial lease to maintain a shop.

Shop Abandonment
The owner of a stall can abandon their shop voluntarily. Otherwise, after one real life week of no visit from the shop owner, the shop is automatically considered to be abandoned. A abandoned shop can be seized by anyone, who will then take ownership of any wares that may have been in a shop.

Accounting and Taxes
A player that owns a trading stall in a particular settlement will receive the profits from their shop deposited directly to their bank account at that settlement. Taxes are automatically collected at the rate determined by the barony taxes, which vary from barony to barony.

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