Player Death Support

On the Knights of Noromath server, there is a custom system of support for dead characters. This page is intended to describe the support for player death.

Death is an important aspect of life in the Realms. The death of a character may come as a result of interaction with the world or other characters, and raising or resurrection magic is costly in the best of circumstances.

Some players choose to have some recollection of the City of Judgement in the Astral Sea, while others prefer to consider their visit to Kelemvor's domain a fleeting memory.

Of all the character classes, Druids are perhaps the ones to consider death to be the most final. As priests of nature, they do not receive raise dead or resurrection spells. Druids instead believe that a life of service to nature will ensure their reincarnation in a life after this one.

Once a player has died, the player corpse item with the player's name is created.

Interacting with a player corpse item
The player corpse item can be interacted with. Clicking on it will open an inventory page showing any dropped gold or items. A conversation opens at that point which presents the option to pick up the corpse.
Moving a player corpse item
A player corpse item can be moved to a safe location. Players are not to log out with a player corpse item, as this can constitute an unfair exploit. Storage chests, hidden locations, or any other part of the module are considered fair game.
Intervention by magic
Raise Dead spells or scrolls can be used on the player corpse item while it is on the ground. Raise Dead spell will cost the dead player an experience point penalty of half their current level. Certain vendors sell Raise Dead scrolls. A player must be logged in for any spell cast upon the player corpse item to have any effect.
What if my player corpse item is destroyed?
A player corpse item is destroyed by a reset, but DMs can quickly recreate the body.
Respawn option for low level characters
Respawning is currently allowed for 10th level characters and below, at a cost of 1/2 their current level in EXP. This is done via a conversation with a representative of the Baatezu, found in the City of Judgement. Very low-level characters can respawn without penalty, up to 5th level. Respawning in this way can only be performed a total of 10 times in a character's life; after this point in time, even the Baatezu can no longer keep death  at bay. Raise dead via scrolls or spells do not count against this limit.
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