Player Death Support

On the Knights of Noromath server, a player's corpse can be interacted with.

It can be picked up and carried to a safe location.

Raise Dead spells or scrolls can be cast upon the player corpse; there are a few places in the module where such can be purchased.  Raise dead has been modified to include its 3.5 experience point costs, which is 1/2 the current experience level.

A player must be logged in for their character to be raised.

A reset will cause a player corpse to be lost; however, DMs possess a tool that will allow them to recreate the player's body quickly.

Respawning is currently allowed for 10th level characters and below, at a cost of 1/2 their current level in EXP. Very low-level characters can respawn without penalty.

Continue reading about resource collection, here.

Resource Collection



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