Player Console Commands

On the Knights of Noromath server there are numerous console commands available to players.

-help Gives Command List.
-debuff Allows you to remove all spells you have cast on yourself.
-decloak Allows you to remove only the invisibility effect you have cast on yourself.
-disguise Allows you to disguise yourself using the various toggles on the examine system.
-disguise help Gives Disguise Command List.
-door Allows you to manage and interact with a nearby settlement door/rentable room. To use properly, stand next to the door you wish to modify before typing this command.
-emote XXX Allows you to emote doing a particular action.
-emote list Gives Emote Command List.
-joust on / -joust off Allows you to use the Jousting animation instead of the standard riding animation.
-lang XXX / -speak XXX Sets new languages to speak. Normal speech going forward will be in that language.
-lang Common / -speak Common Change language selection back to Common.
-lang list Gives Language Command List.
-mastery <school> Provides mastery level of High Arcana by school.
-name XXX If disguise is on, this will allow you to change your displayed name.
-piety Returns your current divine standing in the form of your piety score. (1-100)
-rest Gives next rest time.
-roll Privately rolls a desired skill or ability.
-roll list Gives Roll Command List.
-spellfire Displays the current number of charges in your spellfire pool.
-subdual Returns whether Subdual mode is currently enabled.  Subdual Mode page.
-subdual on/-subdual off Turns Subdual mode on or off. Subdual Mode page. 
-time Displays the current In-Game time when a Timepiece item is inventory.
-walk Sets your character to always walk when you travel, useful for elves.
-weather Gives the standard weather feedback message that displays on entry.
-write XXX Access to the writing command menu for editing pieces of paper In-Game.
-write help Gives Writing Command List.

Available emotes include the following:
-emote attention Stand at attention.
-emote bite Grapple and bite opponent.
-emote bored Bored emote.
-emote bow Bow emote. Manners are important.
-emote cast Cast last spell emote.
-emote celebrate Celebrate emote.
-emote conjure Cast last spell emote.
-emote cower Cower emote.
-emote cross Cross arms over chest.
-emote crouch Crouch Low emote.
-emote dance Dance emote.
-emote dance2 Dance emote.
-emote drink Throw one back.
-emote drink2 Throw one back.
-emote drunk Sorry, you've had enough.
-emote fall backwards Fall Backwards emote.
-emote fall forward Fall Forward emote.
-emote gather Gather emote.
-emote grapple Grapple emote.
-emote greet Greeting emote.
-emote headscratch Headscratch emote.
-emote honor Honor emote. Works well with melee weapons.
-emote laugh Laugh it off!
-emote laydown1 Lay down emote.
-emote laydown2 Lay down emote.
-emote laydown3 Lay down emote.
-emote listen Listen emote.
-emote look Look far emote.
-emote meditate Meditation emote.
-emote pickup ground Pickup from ground emote.
-emote pickup waist Pickup from waist-level emote.
-emote plead Pleading/begging emote.
-emote point Pointing emote. Works well with melee weapons.
-emote read Read scroll item emote.
-emote salute Salute emote.
-emote shock Shock emote.
-emote sit Sitting emote.
-emote sit2 Meditation emote.
-emote spasm Spasm emote.
-emote stop Stop emote.
-emote taunt Taunt emote.
-emote think Thinking emote.
-emote tired Tired emote.
-emote worship Worship emote.

Language proficiency is determined at character generation. While a language mode is engaged, you can print text outside of the language by using either quotes, asterisks. So while speaking Elven to a neighbor, you could write "Brost" with quotes in the sentence, and the word Brost would be written normally.

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