Patch Notes for 10-29-18 thru 11-4-18

Area Updates:

  • All Areas that should have a bed now have a bed.
  • Underdark areas are now colder or hotter than previous static system.
  • Umar Hills are now colder and windier than previous.
  • Bedrolls and Tents will need to be utilized for proper resting. (New Bedrolls and Tents only.)
  • Umar Hills areas are now part of the Game of Groves system.
    • Amnian Overlook is now a Dungeon.
    • Umar Mines is now a Dungeon.

Crafting Updates:

  • Holy bolt recipe changed to require Bit of Holy Parchment instead of Holy Water.
  • New Recipes for Tents and Bedrolls
  • Fire arrows and bolts are now craftable by everyone.
  • New Adamantine recipes.
  • New Elven and Dwarven Pantheon recipes.
  • Update to holy swords and specialty priest items.

Script Updates:

  • Removed message about resting areas.
  • Fix for error with Examine Tool.
  • Fixed charges issue on Repair Hammer and Sewing Needle.
  • Holy Water will now properly affect vampires.
  • Debug mesages removed from the On Damage script.
  • Werewolves should now have weapons treated as silvered.
  • Children of the Night Fix.
  • Shields are now checking for Ghost Touch property and will work against undead.
  • Werewolf Bounty updated.
  • Update to On-Damage Script
    • Adamantine damage scales.
    • Aligned Weapons and Alignment DR implemented.
    • New effects will be based on a DC of 5 + Damage for Acid, Cold, Electricty and Fire.
    • Negative energy spooky secret update.
    • Massive damage DC updated to 20.
    • Massive damage will now only take effect on creature attacks or spells.
  • Update to Placeable conversations:
    • Sitting, lights on/off, facing adjustments.
  • Fix to On Rest. Out of bounds error fixed.

System Updates:

  • Summons/Henchmen/Etc are no longer penalized heavily for being used in a party.
  • Holy Symbols weapons for Elven and Dwarven Pantheons added.
  • New Emotes for Console Commands:
    • Casting/Conjuration emotes added to console commands.
    • -shock, drink2, honor, pushup, dance, attention, sit2, grapple, bite, point, think, cower, cross, laydown1, laydown2, laydown3, crouch, gather
  • New Rest System:
    • Resting is now limited by time.
    • Rest quality is limited by the place and bed used to rest in.
    • Rest will cause HP to be regenerated on a variable dice roll based on the quality of a bed + CON Modifier + Hit Dice for a character.
    • Rest cannot take place when under certain poor weather conditions or places.
    • Rest cannot take place if a character is not tired.
    • Rest cannot take place if within a dungeon alone and enemies nearby.
    • Rest cannot take place in armor.
    • Rest cannot take place while diseased or poisoned.
    • Rest can be acheived with multiple people in a party, but not simultaneously. (Shifts are required, where characters act as "look outs" for the person resting.)
    • Tents can now be placed to allow resting in more diverse weather conditions.
    • Tents have varying qualities which allows resting during more servere weather when applicable.
  • Honor the dead quests are now available for all players.
    • Search bodies!
    • Find messages and deliver them for XP!
    • Return bodies to Kelemvorites for XP!
    • Leave them to rot if you're a big meanie.
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