Patch Notes: 11/6 through 6/23

11/6/18 Update
Rest System:
- Rest system will now provide time-to-next-rest information before incorrect-area information, thus giving you the time constraint if it exists first and always.
- Beds fixed.
- New Tileset testing complete.

Script Updates:
- On Damage:
-- Electricity saves fixed for Fire Damage.
-- Ghost Touch now has a 50% chance of no damage or full damage.
-- Incorporeal Creatures now respecting acid and fire when applicable.
-- Children of the Night patch.

System Updates:
- Rest system now properly returns feedback when environmental variables prevent rest.
- Rest duration updated to 60 seconds.
- Weather system now properly tells you when it's raining cats and dogs versus light sprinkling.
- Examine tool now usable on Items.
- New spell placeholders added.
- New Backgrounds added.
- New Subraces/Ethnicities added.
- Ethnicity now selected alongside subraces.
- Half-Elf issue resolved.
- Tree stride changed to Transport Via Plants.
- New Makeshift weapons added.
- Update to vampire and druid polymorph forms.
- Arcane Strike is now instant.

Update 11-18-18
Area Updates:
-- New Tileset testing in progress. (You won't see this yet.)
-- Lion's Rest update.
--- Cot's added for resting.
--- Placeables!
-- Ranger's Rest.
--- Quartermaster will now stay in his office properly.

Script Updates:
-- Rest system should now ignore temperature indoors properly.
-- More feedback added to Blood Drain.
-- Attempt to patch error with endless lunging emote.
-- Fix loaded for Spell Mastery and incorrect spell school returns.

System Updates:
-- Fixed logical error with background journal entries not appearing.
-- Fixed Crimson Mist appearance not being restored on login.
-- Vampires and Crimson Mists should now go to a fugue state area separate from the City of Judgement on death.

Update 11-25-18
Area Updates:
- Emergency cots added to Wayside Shrine and Wayside Tavern.
- Wayside Shrine shop update.
- Wayside Tavern shop update.
- Mystran Temple shop update.
- Kelemvorite Culthouse shop update.
- Southspire Gypsy shop update.
- Secret merchant shop update.
- Brost Trapstop shop update.
- Lion's Rest shop update.

Script Updates:
- Removed concealment bonus erroneously being granted to some incorporeal undead.
- Change for Ornate-class weapon damage.
- Revision to Swamp Creature AI.
- Bandages updated. Was: 1d2 + Heal Skill/2; Now: 1d4 + Heal Skill/2 + WIS Modifier per successful check.
- More items now "always identified."

System Updates:
- Crafting:
-- Many, many cost updates.
-- Fixed minor description errors.
-- New recipes!
-- New special Assassin on-equip items.
- Revised damage inflicted by the undead.
- Small changes to item weights.
- Patch to CEP appearance errors.

Update 11-28-18
Area Updates:
- Wayside Shrine shop update.
- Hyzashyr Tributary fish out of water fixed.
- Sentinel Path iron vein fixed.
- Brost House 1 Bed adjusted.
- Lockwood Hamlet update.
- Mystran Tower will now not relock.
- Mystran Tower door upper-level fix.
- Amnian Overlook door no longer locked.

Script Updates:
- Fixed bad teleportation bug using defunct function call.
- NWNX Testing.

12-9-2018 / 12-10-2018 small update Patch Notes:
Area Updates:
- Updates to Amnian Front Spawns
-- Fix to new Amnian Front spawns.
- Updates to Orc Spawns.
- Swamprise Keep update and area replacement.
- Mystran Fire Knights that vanished were readded.
- Healer added to Watchfield.
- Healer added to Tejarn Tower
- Healer added to Hospice of Ilmater
- Tormtar outside of Hospice of Ilmater updated.
- Swamprise's gate is now properly locked.

Script Updates:
- Fixed Drown Script to no longer affect PC Undead.
- Fixed Bandage feedback message.
- Fixed several recipes.
- Fixed error with Ghost Touch getting added to shields.
- Warlock Darkness bug fixed.
- Fixed Combinera fault.

System Updates:
- Automatic-Identification added to many items.
- Many new items.
- New Plot NPCs.

12/14/2018 Update Phase 1:
Script Updates:
- Circle of Death HD limit fixed.
- Sunburst will now inflict Divine Damage.
- Vampire Blood Drain AOE will now only affect hostile targets.
- Fix for illegitimate alignment change on rest.

System Updates:
- Area-based XP returned to previous values.
-- Now caps at level 7.
-- Will only reward based on your ability to roleplay between ticks.

12/16/18 Patch Notes:
Area Updates:
- Swamprise Keep updated for Festival.
- Shadow Thieves are now hostile properly.

Script Updates:
- Teleport system activated for testing.
- Resolved Ghost-Touch DR.
- Planar Creatures not receiving EVIL/GOOD DR Fixed.

System Updates:
- Weather system updated to adjust fog amounts.
- Weather system updated to fix erroneous Crimson Mist penalties.
- Raise Dead updated to reflect 3.5 Ruleset for XP Penalty.

12/20/18 Patch Notes:
Area Updates:
- "Fixed" Transition in Amnian Overlook
- Belric - the Briarwood BLACKSMITH fixed.

Script Updates:
- Changed wording on weapons/spells that don't affect incorporeal undead and fail out on their hit chance.
- Examine Tool updated for magical sensing and bearing.
- Teleport will no longer work underground.
- Teleport will no longer work in the death area.
- Transport via plants will no longer work underground.
- Transport via plants will no longer work in the death area.
- Shadow door will no longer work in the death area.

System Updates:
- Vampires:
-- Updated alignment shift for vampire thralls.
- Console Commands:
-- "-rest" will now tell you when you can next rest.

12/20/18 -> 1/5/19 Update:
Area Updates:
- Zinner:
-- Update to NPCs/NPC Spawning.
-- Horses Added.
-- Added beds.
-- Added merchants.
- Lion's Rest:
-- Update for additional beds. Small placeable fixes.
-- Fixed floating in the ceiling problem when going up in Lion's Rest.
-- Freeman Hold floating TP error fixed.
- Southspire new area loaded.
-- Historian moved to a new area.
-- Drunken Djinn now open for business.
--- Rooms cannot be rented yet.
-- Haberdashery now open for business.
- Adjusted bed position in Fort Briarwood.
- NPCs in Fort Briarwood, Brost, and Southspire now have conversations.
- Loot updated for Amnian Overlook.
-- Fixed inaccessible part of the map where loot was located.
- Loot updated for Umar Mines.

Script Updates:
- Mithril Armor now is now treated as one armor category lower for donning times.
- Healing NPCs will now award good alignment shifts based on quality of healing.
- Creatures that share your deity will be healed in an "empowered" form.
- Inflict spells will no longer roll touch to hit when cast on undead.
- Healing hostile NPCs will now award evil alignment shifts.
- AI for NPC Defenders and Peasants updated.
- Fix for Examine Tool Erroring Out for Time Between Examining.
- Fix for Client_Leave Script.
System Updates:
- Keep Management - Doorway to the Soul Updates
-- Testing Underway
-- Fix for Conversation not appearing correctly.
-- Fix for management options not appearing correctly.
-- Fix for keys not being able to be generated for a door.

- Crafting Updates:
-- Fixed recipes for Potion of Misdirection, Bottled Black, Displacement, Vorpal Weapons, Fortified Armors/Shields, Vampiric Weapons, Weapons of Force, Gloves of Archery, Shadow Weave-type items.
-- Updated recipes for Defending Items, Deathward Items, Flaming Weapons, Acid Weapons, Aligned Weapons.
-- Item Fixes for Rings of Regen, Protection.
-- Evil characters will now generate "evil" weapons when circumstances allow.
-- New Items: Rings (Too many to list), Armors, Gauntlets, Helms, Bracers, and Boots.
-- Prices updated for new items.
-- New Books: Enchantment.
-- Fixed incrementing issues.
-- Added new ammunition.

- Creature Updates:
-- CR, Equipment, Traits, and Appearances adjusted for:
--- Cyricists, Goblins, Bandits, Brigands, Deserters, Driders, Duergar, Gnolls, Occultists, Hobgoblins, Bugbears, Skeletons, Shadows, and other assorted undead.
-- Creatures previously not spawning in stealth will now do so properly.

1/6/18 Update Notes:
Area Updates:
- Southspire NPCs fixed.
-- Should now sit properly.
-- Should now spawn where they were not previously.
- Zinner NPC Fixed.

Script Updates:
- RP XP will now function until level 15.
- Fixed Examine Tool issue where Class Standing reported your own instead of your examined target.
- Added secret commands that weren't secret to the console command help list.

System Updates:
- Disguise System Update:
-- Disguise system currently open to all for testing via console commands.
--- Does not yet give "feedback" on settings. Be aware.
--- Will be limited by ranks in Bluff/Perform in the future. Be aware.
-- Supported commands:
--- -disguise on/off - Toggles whether you are disguised to examining players.
---- Players that are not "disguised" will not receive any "disguised" stats.
--- -disguise class off/low/mid/up - Toggles whether you are disguising your class standing to those around you.
---- Options are common sense: Lower, Middle, and Upper-class standing.
--- -disguise str 0/1/2/3/4 - Toggles whether you are disguising your perceived strength.
---- Cannot exceed your actual ability! 0 is off.
--- -disguise con 0/1/2/3/4 - Toggles whether you are disguising your perceived constitution.
---- Cannot exceed your actual ability! 0 is off.
--- -disguise dex 0/1/2/3/4 - Toggles whether you are disguising your perceived dexterity.
---- Cannot exceed your actual ability! 0 is off.
-- Disguise system will no longer tell an examining player whether they have succeeded or failed.
-- Disguise system will give feedback to disguising player, if they have noticed they are being examined, on whether or not their disguise has been seen through.

1/12/19 Update
Area Updates:
- Adjusted some minor seating arrangements in the Drunken Djinn.
- Adjusted music in Tejarn Gate, Abandoned Inn.
- Fixed temperature in a location.
- Fixed Shadow Plane output to Correct Location.
- Naked Cyricists fixed.
- Fixed absent Kelemvorite at Westhaven.
- Adjusted Collection node on Tethir Road Oaktree.
- Fixed Mercs in front of Sentinel Manor.
- Loot updated/upgraded for several dungeons.
- More creatures for stealth spawning!
- Fixed Shadow Fiend event.

Script Updates:
- Teleport Via Plants script fixed.
- Examine Tool timer fixed.
- Fixed typo in vampire feeding text.
- Gloves, Arrows, Bolts, and Bullets should now be able to have GMW applied to them.
- Fixed Mithral check in On-Equip.

System Updates:
- Additional Journals added!
- Keep Management - Doorway to the Soul Updates:
-- Fixed error with options not appearing for DMs.
-- Fixed error with conversation not giving break-in options.
- Craft Updates:
-- More recipes.
-- Fixed recipes.
-- Updated Caster-level function support to items.

1/13/19 Update
Area Updates:
- Sentinel Tower Dungeon Updated.

Script Updates:
- Fixes for Door Script.
- Barons may now create Writs of Bailiff for their followers.
- Fix for VFX scripts.

System Updates:
- Massive AI Update.
- 115+ Creatures updated.
-- New AI will cause creatures to run, jump, hop and skip towards doom.
-- New AI will run from relevant creatures.
-- New AI will now call others to them for help.
-- New AI will now kill you faster.

1/14/19 Update:
- Disguise System is now in place.

1/15/19 Update:
- System Updates:
-- AI - Adjusted some values to decrease lag for certain areas.
--- Fine-tuning of several creatures.
-- Weather System
--- Spot and Listen will now be affected by the weather.
--- Wind messages are updated.
--- Wind will now negatively affect your ability to wage ranged combat.
--- Strong winds can knock you down, per DMG.
--- Strong enough winds can knock you down, and begin to kill you, per DMG.

1/17/19 Update:
Area Update:
- More creatures moved to the New AI.
- Creature adjustments are in-process.
- New creatures!
- New items for creatures!
- Creature appearance updates.
- Shops updated for Zinner, Southspire, and Ranger's Rest Trap Store.

Script Update:
- Minor fix for on-spawn script.
- Fix for all summoned creatures (invisible update.)
- New spawn dynamic testing.

System Update:
- Bounties!
-- New bounties added.
-- Percentages updated for some drops.
-- New drops added.

1/20/19 Update:
Area Updates:
- New Briarwood Loaded.
- New Lockwood Falls Loaded.
- Update to Mining Passage.
- Update to Orc Dungeon.
- Update to Umar Mines.
- Update to Smuggler's Den.
- Added traps to many dungeons.
- Added West-World NPC road walkers to Tethir Road Areas.

Script Updates:
- Modified banking scripts.
- Added rent calculation to upkeep hits to settlement banks.
- Added push notifications for upkeep hits to settlement banks.
- Added push notifications for rent hits to PC bank accounts.
- Added push notifications for evictions.
- Overhauled default skeletons.
- Modified On-Blocked script to respond to new doors.

System Updates:
- Keep Management - Doorway to the Soul Updates:
-- Push Notification for attempted break-ins added.
-- Upkeep functions based on Door DC/Lock DC added.
-- Fixed key generation issue.
-- Fixed recognizing Baron/Bailiffs issue.
-- Fixed setting rent issue.
-- Fixed vampire issue.
-- Test ground: Briarwood is now live.
-- Test ground: Lockwood Falls is now live.
- New bounties added.

1/22/19 Update:
Area Update:
- Fixed Smuggler's Den.
-- Now with loot!
- Spawn testing in Whippoorwill Inn for NPCs.

Script Update:
- Fixed NPC "Torch-Equipping" Script.
- Updated disguising console command.
-- Added "help" information for new disguises/name changing instructions.

System Update:
- Keep Management System - Doorway to the Soul:
-- Added ergonomic functions for adjusting Lock DC and Door DC.
-- Added rental price-setting functions.
-- Fixed check for rental locations that only allow certain class standings.
- Keep Management System - Hotswapping for Hostile Takeovers:
-- Added hot-swapping of faction spawn functionality to NESS.
-- Currently undergoing testing in secret to confirm hot-swap functioning.
-- Testing waypoint "spawn-in" points for more West World-style updates.

1/24/2019 Update:
- Area Updates:
-- New lower-level mini-dungeons added.
-- New traps added to existing dungeons!

- Script Update:
-- Shift-changes in spawn scripts.
-- Added New Player Help stuff:
--- Welcome text will now auto-pop-up for new players.
--- New players will have player tools and automatic feats added to their GUI immediately.

- System Update:
-- Keep Management System - Hotswapping for Hostile Takeovers:
--- Updated to new spawn codes.
--- Tested in special, super-secret area.
--- Undergoing placement in secret locations across the module.

1/29/19 Update:
Area Updates:
- New Tejarn Trail Dungeon added.
- NPC Update.
- Lockwood Falls balcony access added.
- Lockwood Falls roaming guards added.
- Brost: Old Whippoorwill Inn given a once-over.
-- Houses now available for rent in the new system.
- Brost: Western Fields rooms now available for rent.
- Updated Settlement NPC conversations for explaining how Trade System works.
- Changed Magistrate Doors to the new system.

Script Updates:
- Fix for Muling script false-reading while disguised.
- Added calculations for new rooms.

System Updates:
- Fix for faction-spawning.
- Added additional rental units.

2/1/19 Update:
Area Updates -
- Old Whippoorwill Inn
-- Added storage to Comfortable House
-- Testing new storage system. (Report any problems/errors.)
-- Added crafting stations to Comfortable House.
-- Testing bookshelves for deployment in other locales.
-- Added rest nodes.
- Fort Briarwood
-- Main gates no longer lockable to allow foot-traffic.
- Tejarn Gate
-- Added rest nodes to Ale Ye' Below.
-- Update to Merchant.
- Mystran Tower
-- Cleaned up and updated rooms.
-- Added new settlement door system.
- Lockwood Falls Inn
-- Added new settlement door system.
- Whippoorwill Inn
-- Added new settlement door system.
-- Testing new persistent storage test. (Report any problems/errors.)
-- Added crafting stations to "Executive Suite."

Script Updates:
- Added new doors overlooked in first pass to Castle Upkeep.
- Patched Weather Script applying damage/wind checks too often.

System Updates:
- Triggered! - Suffocation/Drowning Trigger Testing underway.
-- New system for new areas and horror-show traps in dungeons.
- Spawn Groups:
-- Added 25+ new spawn groups for dungeon usage and future updates.
-- Updated Skulks.
-- Updated vampiric friends.
-- Updated spiders.
-- Updated inventory items of several NPCs/NPC Merchants.

2/2/2019 Update:
Area Updates-
- Mystran Tower:
-- Fixed door ownership error.
-- Added persistent bookshelves.
- Lockwood Falls:
-- Added persistent bookshelves.
- New Vegetation Challenges!

Script Updates-
- Fixed incorrect spawns in summon monster spells.

System Updates-
- Keep Management - Doorway to the Soul Updates:
-- Fixed incorrect checking of Class-Standing Rental Requirements.
-- Fixed sign-error on bank account checks that was evicting if you only had the exact amount of gold needed to pay.
- Spawn System -
-- Adjusted AI settings to reduce lag.
-- Replaced Goblin Spawns.
-- Updated Bandit Spawns.

2-13-19 Update:
Area Updates-
- Goblin Den Dungeon Updated
- West Haven Spawn Groups Updated
- Freeman Hold Dungeon Updated
- Hyrzashyr Divide Updated
- Hyrzashyr Tributary Updated
- Old Shanatar: Sewer Updated
- Old Shanatar: Cavern Updated
- Old Shanatar: Sunken Ruins Transition Fixed
- Old Shanatar: Below the Thief's Way Updated
- Update for Sporecaps in Underdark areas

Script Updates-
- Undercommon Display failure fixed
- Tracking now requires Tracking Proficiency
- Updated Tracking Output to use Journal Entry
- AI will no longer parry
- AI will no longer pick-pocket
- AI will no longer shoot people dying

System Updates-
- On Equip Systems updated
- Work for Faction-Updating System Begun

2-16-19 Update:
Area Updates
- Tejarn Tower added to Keep System.
-- Added guards.
-- Added beds.
- Fort Briarwood
-- Added beds where needed.
- Lockwood Falls
-- Adjusted a few tiles that were turning black under torchlight.
-- Made Statue unusable.
-- Fixed doorway doing weird stuff.
- Mystran Tower
-- Fixed doors to outside and updated to Keep System.
-- Repaired broken doors.
- Lockwood Tradeway
-- Added Tradewar! system for testing.
- Brost: House 4
-- Fixed beds.
-- Fixed bookcase.
- Brost: Cemetery
-- Added new dungeon!
-- Attempt to fix door transition bug.
- Old Shanatar
-- Fixed transition bug.
- Fixed Multiclassing Bug

Script Updates
- Update to Crafting System Checks, fixed incorrect string.
- Fixed bad redirect in Tracking System.
- Fixed incorrect animation for History/Decipher Script Examination.

System Update
- Banking/Settlement/Doors and Upkeep:
-- Calculations now occur every 5 RL Days, disconnected from whether the server timeclock moves on its own.
-- Upkeep Calculations for Doors updated.
- Keep and Settlement System: Tradewar!
-- Testing system to seize trade-corridors for the Baronies, earning coin and honor for the Queen and yourself.
- Crafting:
-- Added new recipes.
- Keep and Settlement System: Keeping Up With the Banners
-- Added Insignia to keep track of Faction Members.
-- The Insignia must be generated by a "Baron" or "Bailiff" for a particular Barony.
-- The Insignia designate belonging to a particular Barony.
-- The Insignia allows a person to clear or claim a particular area for a Barony, netting strong rewards for them.
-- The Insignia keeps track of a person's worth and fame in a particular Barony.

2/17/19 Update:
Area Updates
- Update to Halls of Anguish.

Script Updates
- Switched out Tradewar time period to be a local variable.

System Update
-- Upkeep Calculations for Doors updated.
- Keep Management System - Doorway to the Soul:
-- Renters may now evict themselves from a property if they no longer wish to pay.
-- Door management is now entirely handled by the console command "-door" or "-manage".
--- Stand next to the door you wish to manage and use this command to start the normal conversation.
-- The name of the person renting the door is now stored on the property for Property Managers to look at.
--- Renters can disguise themselves before renting and register under false names.
- Keep and Settlement System - Tradewar on the Tethir Road!
-- Insignia can now be generated by Bailiffs as well as Barons.
-- Players may only have one Insignia / Belong to one Barony.
-- Lockwood Mines now open for Tradewar.
-- Lion's Path is now open for Tradewar.
- New craftable items for low-oxygen areas.

2/17/19a Update:
Area Updates
- Eternal Prison no longer erroneously declared outdoors.
- Arundel Manor is now sealed.

Script Updates
- Fixed On-Spawn error resizing things that shouldn't be.

System Update
- Creature Update:
-- Spider Appearances changed to be horrifying.
- Bounties
-- Adjusted frequency of Skeleton bounty drop.
- Keep Management System - Tradewar on the Tethir Road!
-- Events that require settlement insignia to clear:
--- Sentinel Pass added.
--- The Broken Tooth added.
--- East Brost Tradeway / Lockwood Tradeway Junction added.
-- Events that do not require settlement insignias:
--- Swamprise Approach - Forward Gate added.
--- West Haven - Forward Gate added.

2/19/19 Update:
- Fixed Tradewar for Mystran Tower/Lockwood Tradeway Area.
- Fixed Tradewar for Broken Tooth.
- Fixed Ghouls in West Haven.
- Updated suffocation scripts to not automatically kill you on entry.

2/24/19 Update:
Area Update-
- Mystran Tower
-- Has working Storage Chests now.
-- Has working beds now.
- Lockwood Falls
-- Switched out Storage Chests to non-duplicating sort.
-- Fixed jail doors for Lockwood Falls.
- Tejarn Tower
-- Added bookshelves.
-- Switched out Storage Chests to non-duplicating sort.
- Southspire Keep
-- Added bookshelves.
-- Switched out Storage Chests to non-duplicating sort.
-- Drunken Djinn rooms are now rentable.
- Northgate Keep
-- Added bookshelves.
-- Switched out Storage Chests to non-duplicating sort.

Script Update-
- Faction functions updated for new way of doing things.
-- Basic functionality setup for people carrying insignias to be allied to their barony.
- Paladin Changes:
-- Killing Neutral creatures will now cause piety to slide instead of automatically drop to zero.
-- Killing Good creatures will still cause a Paladin to fall.

System Update-
- Keep Management System: Trade War on the Tethir Road!
-- Honor/Valor tracking has been added for clearing road events.
-- You must belong to a keep and have an insignia, otherwise...You might as well be anyone.
-- Barony officials will now tell you how much gold you've earned for the Crown.
-- Examine tool will tell you whether you may have heard of someone performing deeds recently.
-- Every ~15 days, this amount will default back to zero.
-- Extended replacement range to target Lockwood Bandit left unchanged.
-- New Events: Duskwood Shrine to Kelemvor
- Keep Management System: Doorway to the Soul
-- Upkeep for doors has been added to overall Barony impact totals.
-- Upkeep for doors still in progress for individual location totals.
-- Northgate Keep setup for Settlement/Doors
-- Southspire Keep setup for Settlement/Doors

3/09/19 Patch Notes:
Area Updates:
- Eliora's Perch is now live for the server.
- The Bog is now live for the server.
- Additional Trade missions are now live for the server.
- Fixed Tejarn Tower transition bugs.
- Updated Freeman's Holde Exterior to use new spawns.

Script Updates:
- Fixed Examine Tool detecting the incorrect insignia.

System Updates:
- Added descriptions for special materials.
- Updated assassin items.
- Updated item costs and materials.
- Fixed undead DR.
- Updated Ghost Touch and Silvered properties to be detectable on Gloves/Gauntlets.
- Prepared Scripts for new Horse Summoning/Purchasing Feat.
- Eliora's Perch prepared for Keep Management.

3/14/19 Patch Notes:
Script Update:
- Patch fix for Multiclassing determination script.

Creature Update:
- Added additional creatures and spawn groups for an upcoming dungeon.

3/21/19 Patch Notes:
- NWNX Update to solve Intel Graphics bug crashes.

3/23/19 Patch Notes:
System Updates:
- Multiclassing penalties unapplied until fixed.
- Damage tables for Critical Rolls added.

3/24/19 Patch Notes:
System Updates:
- Multiclassing Penalties from default NWN Functionality fixed.
- Damage tables from Critical Rolls updated.

Hak Update Patch Notes (5-12-19)
- Robe appearances while mounted fixed (report any additional still not working)
- New combat feats added for:
-- Sai
-- Nunchaku
-- Falchion
-- Sap
-- Katar
-- Maul
-- Chakram
-- Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization, Weapon of Choice, Improved Criticals, etc. Added
- Brew Potion added to Assassin feat list
- Brew Potion added to Blackcoat feat list
- Brew Potion added to Blighter feat list
- Brew Potion added to Spellfire Channeler feat list
- Brew Potion added to Eldritch Knight feat list
- Brew Potion added to Bladesinger feat list
- Infliction spells added to Druid spell list
- Arcane Archer updated for ammunition creation
- New appearances added for birds and phoenixes
- New appearances added for peasant militia
- Fixed Mielikki Deity icon using symbol of Mask
- Updated water for Rural tileset to be uniform with Rural Exterior
- TLK updated with missing background feat information

5/18/19 Patch Notes:
- Hak/2da/Tlk Changes
-- New Spells:
---- *Note - Not all spells working yet
--- Chill Touch
--- Command Undead
--- Aganazzer's Flame Wave
--- False Life
--- Halt Undead
--- Deep Slumber
--- Shadow Spray
--- Disintegrate
--- Disrupt Undead
--- Glibness
--- Crushing Despair
--- Good Hope
--- Affliction
--- Aspect of the Deity
--- Blood of the Martyr
--- Divine Sacrifice
--- Lantern Light
--- Fleshshiver
--- Lively Step
--- Corrosive Grasp
--- Shadow Well
--- Memory Rot
--- Bull's Strength, Mass
--- Cat's Grace, Mass
--- Eagle's Splendor, Mass
--- Bear's Endurance, Mass
--- Fox's Cunning, Mass
--- Owl's Wisdom, Mass
--- Atonement

-- Gaseous Form now has Shadow Jump instead of Dimension Door
-- Bards no longer have access to Bull's Strength
-- Fixed Summon Undead TLK Entry
-- Added Lich Abilities
--- Coldfire
--- Paralyzing Touch
--- Finger of Death
--- Fear Aura
-- Fixed craft ring saying craft rod

- Area Changes
-- Fixed transitions for Brost Lower Income Housing
-- Fixed sound in Small Teeth Mountains - Vale Path
-- Fixed sound in Small Teeth Mountains - Ancient Ruins
-- Fixed sound in Small Teeth Mountains - Spire Path
-- Merchants updated
-- Fixed Wren's bed
-- Fixed Malcorath's bed

- Script Changes
-- Bard Song now breaks stealth
-- Spell failure incurred from Critical Hits will now be removed by resting
-- Critical Hit script no longer works on objects other than players or creatures

- System Changes
-- Consecrating/Desecrating Groves now award XP
-- Bounties turned in now award XP
-- Added new spell components required for new spells to various places
-- Plant forms are now immune from critical hits and sneak attacks

5-23-19 Patch Notes:
-Script Updates:
-- Fixes for Ride/Mounted Combat-related scripts
--- Mounted Combat now functions like Tumble, giving a +1 to AC for every 5 levels
--- Repaired problems with Bardings and Saddles not working properly
-- Daylight Spell is now Operational
-- False Life Spell is now Operational
-- Fixed problem with Flame Wave being auto-maximized
-- Updated Evard's to accurately gestalt and match D20 SRD

-System Updates:
-- Half-Orcs can now select a Subrace and move forward with character creation.

5-26-19 Website Updates:
-Navigation Changes
--Top Menu reorganization
--Enabled Breadcrumbs
--Long pages now using anchor links
--All articles in players guide link directly to the next article
-Documentation Updates
--All Systems pages updated to reflect the current state of the module
--Improved formatting
--Added tables to better display information

5-30-19 Patch Notes
Area Updates:
-- Smuggler's Den crate fixed
Script Updates:
-- Monks are now subject to vows of poverty to receive benefits
-- Fixed Skulking item equips
-- Added minimum deposit for bank accounts
-- Added command "spellfire" for Spellfire Channelers to see their spell charge pool
-- Detect Undead no longer auto-detects Undead, and they are given a Will Save to resist
-- Update to Premonition script
-System Updates:
-- Fixed High-Quality Tents
-- Added Lich Framework for Feats
-- Added Lich Framework for Undead
-- Added Lich Framework for Transformation
-- Added Lich Transformation Item
-- Fixed Crimson Mists so no longer dropping bodies

Hak Fixes (6-2-19):
-- Additional robes fixed
-- Repaired description for Dwarven Waraxe
-- Repaired Daylight Spell entry
-- Create Greater Undead is now also a Wizard spell, as it should be
-- Monks now receive Dimension Door 1/day at LEvel 12
-- Lich-Usable Abilities now able to be used
-- Switched Expeditious Retreat to Longstride for Travel Domain
-- New Spells Added:
--- Longstrider
--- Nondetection
--- Rusting Grasp
--- Word of Recall
--- Blight
-- Scroll Work in place to enable adding new spell scrolls

6-2-19 Update -
Crafting Patch Notes:
-Added Magical Staff Base Items
--Wooden Magic Staff
--Metal Magic Staff
-Made craftable via armory & carpentry
-Added 19 craftable staffs from DMG (Combiner)
-Revised Enchanted Item Theoretical Limit to Caster Level x 5000 gp.
-Prevent Funny Enchantment Combinations
--Holy/Vampiric now cancel each other out
--Anarchic/Axiomatic now cancel each other out
-Various Pricing Fixes
-Prevent items of over +5 armor bonus from being created

Area Updates:
- Books of mysterious and dark nature are now sold at your local place where books are sold

Script Updates:
- Backgrounds that previously received no stipend now do
Spectre | Executive Director06/03/2019
6-3-19 Update
Script Updates
-- Blood Drain for Crimson Mists no longer allows the undead to be targeted
-- Fixed High Arcana spelling errors
-- Updated High Arcana
-- Added scrolls for new spell scribing
-- Fixed problem in Vampire script
-- Spellfire Channelers now will gain a point to their spell pool when taking fire damage
-- Spellfire Channeler damage adjusted

6-6-19 Update
Area Updates:
-- Tejarn Tower Interior adjusted
-- West Haven Interior updated
-- West Haven Outside updated
System Updates:
-- West Haven setup for Castle Doors System.

6-11-19 Update:
Script Updates:
-- Atonement spell added.
System Updates:
-- Additional bounties and creatures added
-- Armor updated for creatures
-- Added feedback message for Adamantium Armor damage reduction being applied.
-- Crafting:
-Fixed certain crafted item descriptions
-Fixed certain new crafted item properties using new constants
-Added additional scripting comments
-Fixed staff naming conventions
-Made all staffs minimum caster level 8
Spectre | Executive Director06/15/2019
6-15-19 Updates:
Area Updates
- Wild Dogs in West Haven...Fixed again? :'(
- Fixed West Haven Beds

Script Updates
- Casting restoration/greater restoration on mounted characters will now not work to address skill penalty issue

System Updates
- Listen Skill Update:
-- Whispers in languages are no longer translated across great distance
-- Whisper eavesdropping range is now affected by your Listen Skill
-- Every 5 ranks in Listen (Modified by gear/bonuses/etc) will earn an additional meter of listen range to a maximum of 10 meters
-- Future update fixes only translated whispers being processed by listen changes

6-16-19 Updates:
Area Updates
- Mystran Tower updated
- New Areas Added, super secret
- Added Survey Marker for Tejarn Gate

System Updates
- Added debug for Natural Lycanthrope
- Added a test for "Knocking on the door" to the keep door menu
- Troll Shamans added to Damage Immunities
- Fixed Listen range not including the messages in another language

Area Updates:
-Aljana Warrens: Gateway
-Aljana Warrens: North - Old Camp
-Aljana Warrens: South - Hamlet
-Brost Cemetery: Crypt
-Ishla Road: Small Teeth Rise
-Ishla Pass
-Small Teeth Mountains - Ancient Ruins
-Small Teeth Mountains - Cyricist Encampment
-Small Teeth Mountains - Fallen Keep
-Small Teeth Mountiains - Ishla Pass
-Small Teeth Mountains - Mines and Caverns
-Small Teeth Mountains - Orc Hold
-Small Teeth Mountains - Orc Pass
-Small Teeth Mountains - Repurposed Mine
-Small Teeth Mountains - Spire Path
-Small Teeth Mountains - Vale Path
-Tejarn Trail: Mausoleum

Creature Updates:
- Cyricist AI Update
- Cyricist Gear Update
- Ishla Soldier AI Update
- Ishla Soldier Gear Update

System Updates:
- Natural Lycanthrope ECL changed to 2
- Removed Debug DR messages
- Fixed Natural Lycanthrope skin diving additional DR

6/18/19 Patch Notes:
Script Updates:
- Riding bonuses no longer dispel-able.

6/19/19 Patch Notes:
Area Updates:
- Three new NPCs have been placed throughout the module and are now offering cures for the plague
- Area test for secret sauce

Script Updates:
- Players will no longer enter the server within subdual mode and must actively select it
- Fix for Blood Drain to make it no longer effective to feed on Natural Lycanthropes
Spectre | Executive DirectorLast Sunday at 2:11 PM
6/23/19 Patch Notes:

Area Updates
- Update to approximately 300 areas with new Game of Groves spawns
- Update to approximately 300 areas with new interactable resources
- Added lightning to weather system during storms
- New areas added!

Script Updates
- Added "death event" visual effect to following creature categories:
-- Planar creatures (Unsummoning, exploding)
-- Undead creatures (Imploding, exploding, shattered bones, gore)
- Shadow Door spell now updated to take party members with you
- Increased Game of Groves states to a 5-tier system
- Increased variability of Game of Groves spawns and associated creatures
- Creatures now have certain weather or temperature preferences required to spawn
- Updated factions and faction rules

Creature Updates
- Updated 65 Sylvan Creatures
- Updated 55 Planar Creatures
- Updated 75 Undead Creatures
- Bounty System update
- Updated Brost County Militia appearance

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