Notice of Immediate Migration

Dear Knights of Noromath,

With the release of the Enhanced Edition and the promise of new features, new abilities, active support and development, and a re-examination of the possibilities that we first envisioned when we set out to create this server, the decision has been made by the Execute Board to transfer all development and focus into an Enhanced Edition release.

There are things that everyone should become aware of, regardless of whether you plan to purchase the new Enhanced Edition. Legacy support for the 1.69 version of Neverwinter Nights by hardware companies has ended. This means that features on 1.69 will slowly cease to work as patches and driver updates are distributed in the coming months. You have already witnessed the first Nvidia driver update that removes many textures and parts from the game. These problems do not persist in the Enhanced Edition, and the game in general loads smoother and faster while also looking fantastic.

Our core competency has always been curating and delivering a classic Dungeons and Dragons experience through Neverwinter Nights. With the release of the Enhanced Edition, we will no longer have to solve the plethora of problems that have arisen during our development with hardcoding, NWNX, etc. and will have access to support through Beamdog to drive the release of features that we need or otherwise never imagined possible. The dark age of Neverwinter Nights development is gone, and we thank the Beamdog team for allowing us to fully realize our vision for Neverwinter Nights in 2017 and on into the next decade.

As a result of this decision, we will cease support of the 1.69 version of the module immediately. This direction is not a departure from the spirit of the Knights of Noromath project – but is instead the fullest realization of it. Knights of Noromath has re-entered Alpha Status on the Enhanced Edition. Features that were added in the Alpha-Beta Transition release will begin working again with the re-release of NWNX for Enhanced Edition. Characters created on the 1.69 version can be ported over to Enhanced Edition without difficulty.

We are excited to enter this new era of development and we hope that you can join us. All pre-purchases of the Enhanced Edition, regardless of which version you purchase, come with access to the Beta and support the developer in the revival of Neverwinter Nights.

Thank you for all your support, time, and understanding. We will see you in game,



Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Knights of Noromath Project

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