Lomir Nailo

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Physical Details
Age: 28
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue

Home Community
Born in the temperate plains of Damara, he lived in a human dominated area. The cool spring was well underway when he was born to his parents. A small village a days ride from the city of Valls became his home while he lived with his human mother.

His family was middle classed, able to live in a small dwelling without significant concerns. This was perhaps due to the positive religious and military affiliation they had. His grandfather being a paladin in the kings army. Due to his grandfather, they were well trained. He was taught how to use various martial weapons and wear armors from simple gabesons to heavy plated armor.

Privately and publicly, they were known to be good people. His mother often striving to help her community in any way she could from healing in the temple, to tending to the orphans. Historicly they followed Ilmater, his mother, her father and his father before him all strived to enbody the peaceful nature of the Crying God. But the family isn't without it's black sheep or two. His uncle actively rebels against the family. Causing trouble with not just the temple but with other members of the kingdom.

Politically, however, the family is supportive. Having helped in the war against the Lich King of Damara years ago, it wasn't surprising they supported the current new king. The elders of the family control the power and often uses that power to mold the young of the family to improve their military support. Doubly so considering that one of their ancestors was defeated in battle. Never wanting their new generation to be defeated in the same manner. Even if it was an honorable defeat.

Being half elven, he was given a chance that few could dream of. Traveling between the elven and human communities, he learned much from both cultures. Loving the Elven langauge and peaceful culture while enjoying the ever changing human culture. When he was in his teens, however, he was enrolled into a finishing school. Learning courtly manners and etiquette, much to his distain. It wasn't untill he graduated that he joined the military. However, a local paladin knight snatched him from his training as a soldier and started to mentor him in the ways of the paladin.

Life Events (Thus Far)
A couple years before he started finishing school, he survived a major danger to his human community. A famine one summer hit the land and many died. He barely survived the danger, as did his mother. However his father locked himself in the elven community. Never to be seen again by the young man.

It wasn't until his youth that he was found his calling as an Ilmateri paladin. He was traveling along the road, when he spied a man. Injured from a recent robbing, Lomir rushed to help. Tearing his cloak to ribbons to serve as bandages before helping carry the man to a healer. It wasn't until years later that the man repaid the favor and took him as his mentor.

Dispite all this, he left his mother, back home. Being the eldest, he wanted to prove himself worthy of his heritage. Deciding to head to Tethyr, to make a name for himself and become a mighty knight. His siblings, a younger half elven sister, wanted to go with him. Being ten years her senior, he told her to stay and watch over their mother. While his grandparents and extended family were nowhere to be seen, Lomir didn't quite mind the absence.

This was mostly due to his uncle, who was an active enemy. Going so far as to renounce the family name and declare a one man war upon Damara. His mentor mearly laughs knowing his uncle would never succeed. He reminded the half elf all his training, both physical, and finishing school's training. Knowing that to be a knight is just as much military as it is formal.

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