Lands of Intrigue

The Lands of Intrigue are collectively made up of the following three countries:


The country to the north of the Tethir Road, Amn, is known as "The Merchants' Domain." It is among the youngest nations of the southern Sword Coast. If the adage "Follow the money, and ye shall find answers to many mysteries" were true, every investigator and adventurer would end up in Amn, since money flows there as to no other county. Nearly every merchant does business with Amn or passes through it during the course of a year's business deals. Amn's location benefits its mercantile nature, as it is the springboard for Calishite and Tethyrian products heading north to the Heartlands. The country's rich natural resources and its peoples' knack for business soon led Amn to seize its premier status as one of the most important centers of trade in the Realms. Amn is as important as Sembia and Waterdeep even in their own respective geographic markets, and all three countries have long-established rivalries.
Amn's future is uncertain at best, with bright and dark strains. Its merchants and priests have discovered a new country to the west, Maztica, which Amn is colonizing and expoilting-producing trouble at home and abroad. Amn's neighbor to the south, Tethyr, has finally stabilized into a rich, promising trading partner. However, some Amnian cities are on the verge of rebellion, aiming to join Tethyr. Rumors of monstrous armies are often heard of late. As always, power groups inside Amn and elsewhere vie for supremacy, so much that outsiders view Amn as a stew pot of conspiracy and chaos. For the natives, however, it matters little who is in power so long as business continues to run uninterrupted.

The focus of our campaign, Tethyr, is one of the oldest settled lands on the face of Faerun, though few today remember it as such. When one speaks of Tethyr, anyone born in this century thinks only of a land rife with political intrigue, civil unrest, prejudice against demihumans, and assassination. What was one of the noblest of human countries reduced itself to a lawless land. The two decades of the Alemandrian Interregnum increased the ranks of robber barons, criminals, monsters, and religious zealots in the area, further destabilizing it.
Now, a new dawn shines on Tethyr, with the ascent of Zaranda Star and the new nobility. Its people no longer passively suffer their fate - they have hope and work hard to better their lives. Tethyr reaches for new strength, and in time folk will see it again become a great power along the Sword Coast.

When many think of Calimshan, they think of sand and silks, jewels and genies, slaves and slain rivals, and heat. The Land of the Three Rivers (one of Calimshan's many long-unused titles) is all these things and more. It is a land steeped equally in culture and corruption, in history and greed. Calimshan embraces a world of contrasts, as its rich are affluent beyond measure just as its poor are destitute beyond belief. It is another world whose inhabitants embrace magic and education but jealously guard them from those they deem unworthy. While confusing to outsiders, Calimshan and its people accept these seemingly contradictory values as life, and it is the outsider's place to learn how to adapt to the Land of the Pashas rather than the alternative.

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