Knights of Noromath – Your NWN Enhanced Edition Server

Join Our Classical Forgotten Realms Campaign Today!

The Knights of Noromath is a Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition campaign server based on the classical stories of Ed Greenwood's Forgotten Realms.

The Knights of Noromath offers players the experience of a real D&D campaign through NWN:EE. Players may begin as nobles or knights and may also rise to such stations through the course of play. Our extensive customization process uses NWNX and allows you to select your class standing, ethnicity, background, deity, and languages, and there is more to come! In addition to these features, essential foes such as Cyricists, a host of by-the-book monsters, and endless gritty D&D adventures all await you here.

Discover New Sources of Power!
Enjoy our custom prestige classes including the Blackcoat, the Bladesinger, the Blighter, and the Spellfire Channeler! Revel in our gestalt spellcasting that allows you to stack your relevant caster levels... multiclass spellcasters rejoice! Conjure forth nearby monsters with your summon spells, and enjoy the vastly updated planar and undead creations which players may call forth through powerful magic! Learn about the Weave, or astrology, study magical runes, all so you may gain every advantage you can...

Intrigue Abound!
Enjoy the real intrigue that comes with joining your fellow players in an immersive realm like no other! Navigate the politics of the world around you and watch as your actions take effect. Our philosophy is that player goals are #1 and our Dungeonmasters work tirelessly to create a unique experience for every participant of our meaningful and growing campaign. The actions of those who came before you linger for years as much as your own actions will have lasting effects that can be felt by other players!

What Will You Discover?
Dungeonmasters Djinn and Spectre oversee various, rich Non-Player-Character interactions that bring the world and the story of the campaign to life. This website is intended to provide you with all the information you need to enter the game and play with us. NWN:EE Head Start players can head straight to our connect page to get the required files for play, here:

If you don't already have it, you'll need the Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition through Steam! You can find us under the Steam Workshop as "Knights of Noromath." Thanks to Steam, it's never been easier to download and install custom server files.

We look forward to playing The Knights of Noromath Campaign with you!