Knights Tale

Beldur Havenwolf was born in the rugged hills, just south of the Sword Mountians. Less than fifty miles from Waterdeep. His home was a small hamlet with no name.

Beldur was born into a family of knights in service to Siamorphe. While their funding was limited, they had a moderate income. They held a possitive relations with the temple of Siamorphe, and in turn recieved regular training in many martial weapons and arms.

While private and public ethics are often times different, Beldur's family's wasn't. They were fair and kind in their ethics. This earned them an outstanding reputation amoung their community. They have often kept an eye on the nobles, while part of the system as knights, they were always open to improving the system in any way they could without losing moral ground.

The family structure was divided between two branches. The main branch focused on sending their eldest out into the world to spread Siamorphes idea's. While the Branch family would guard the main branch. This provided close relations between the family members and ensured that their idea's of Siamorphes teachings are put into physical form. This style of ideal was put into practice by a cleric of the same deity. This cleric often fought against the clerics of Cyric and has gained an enmity with Cyrics followers.

From early on, Beldur was interested in books. Reading all he could get his hands on. He learned to read, write, but not speak, in various languages. Formally trained in Religion, the clerics soon learned that he had no talent for their divine magics. His family sending him to the knightly order that served the Divine Right, The order of the Silver Chalice. Where they trained him in swordplay, researching historical documents, and various other things.

Upon becoming a Valet of the Order, he was sent to Tethyr. Sworn in as a knight at the capital and told to go explore the lands. He was given his basic gear, several documents and a thick tome. This tome held the teachings of his order, and the starting point for various potential noble houses that reside within the lands of Tethyr. The new paladin of Siamorphe had trained since he was seven to get this far. He wasn't planning on letting his story end here, however.

But before all this, Beldur lived a life of calamity. His family home being set to flame when he was a young boy. He still bears the scars of poorly healed burns upon his arm. He keeps it hidden as to block the painful memory with a bracer, or a long sleeved shirt.

Religion helped, as did the various kind clerics who helped him learn his family's burdens and his own being the eldest of the main branch of the Havenwolf family of knights. A Highborn of Siamorphe! But being a refugee within the temple allowed him to see things from another point of view and provided him with the oppertunity to join the temple when he came of age. Becoming a page of the Silver Chalice and raising in rank from there.

Beldur's parents both reside in Waterdeep. Being the eldest, and only, child of the main branch of the Havenwolf family, Beldur would've gained inheritance from both sides of the family. His mother's half being native to Tethyr. But those lands were long since given away to another notable family. Thus Beldur has to re-earn his family's lands.

His father's parents were lost in the fires when he was young. His mother's parents were able to survive, but were heavily injured. His mother's father passing a year or two later due to complications that the clerics were unable to heal. They were buried in the Havenwolf's family tomb.

Beldur loves his families tradition, but his aunts and Uncle do not have children old enough to accompany him on his travels. Thus making it harder for him to spread his patron goddess's teachings. But he knows he cannot change that and welcomes the challenge upon him. Believing it to be a test of his goddess to see if he deserves his family's ancestrial lands.

Beldur use to have a friend, but he was lost within the fire. The scar upon his arm was a reminder of that time, as he tried his best to save his friends life. Being burned in the process of his failure.

Many political enemies lie in wait to be discovered by him. He debated on joining the Blackcoats, but realized that they wouldn't serve his purpose and strived to just be a wandering knight for now. Part of him hoping to find a worthy lord, but at the same time striving to serve only the queen and the temple.

He often recalls the instructor that taught him what he knew of the order. A grizzled dwarf who served the order for nearly a century. Beldur being his final student before retirement. It was a hard road under the dwarf. But he knew that the dwarf was only preparing him for what may lie ahead.

Vows Taken (Source: The Quintessential Paladin):
Vow of Abstinence, The paladin is not allowed to imbibe any intoxicating substance, be it alcohol, drugs, or even ceremonial herbs. Additionally, he is not allowed to drink any potion of transmutation magic. If someone slips such a substance into his normal drink without the paladin noticing, it does not count as violating the vow.

Family Tree:
Family Tree
0 Generation
Beldur Havenwolf

-1st Generation
Father side
Jeffrey Kris Havenwolf (Father)
Vera Havenwolf (Aunt)
Victoria Havenwolf (Aunt)
Tabitha Havenwolf (Aunt)

Mother Side
Gidget Wong (Mother)
Astra Wong (Aunt)
Justin Wong (Uncle)
Julie Wong (Aunt)

-2nd Generation
Father Side
Gary Havenwolf (Grandfather, dead)
Franny Wright (Grandmother, Dead)

Mother Side
Edgar Wong (Grandfather, dead)
Jody Richards (Grandmother, Alive)

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