Knights of Noromath Discord Rules

Welcome to the Knights of Noromath.

The following is a list of rules which we feel will help create the most enjoyable environment possible for our players, moderators, and staff at KON. These rules must always be adhered to by all chatters. The moment you connect to the chat network, you are agreeing to follow each and every guideline listed below: 

This network is run by a private organization which reserves the right to censor, remove and ban any individuals that do not uphold all rules and regulations that have been agreed upon and listed. Knights of Noromath’s chat rooms (also known as 'channels') are watched and moderated, therefore, any individual that is seen partaking in any of the following content during conversation may be banned from all contact with this network. For example, we expressly prohibit the following:

  • Discussion of Knights of Noromath Players, Player Factions, or In-Character Groups/Baronies
  • Sharing spoilers pertaining to In-Character or Plot Information
  • Sharing spoilers about the Forgotten Realms Setting (Timeline, etc)
  • Sharing spoilers about Esoteric Matters in D&D (Undead clerics, etc)
  • Sexual Jokes, Sexual Conversation or Sexual Harassment
  • Sharing private personal information belonging to yourself or other players (Doxxing)
  • General Disruptiveness
  • Consistently off-topic, or highly personal posting (Oversharing)
  • Racism/Anti-Semitism/Hate
  • Glorification of Alcohol/Drugs or Suicide
  • Politics
  • Software Piracy or Other Digital Piracy of Copyrighted Materials
  • Religion
  • Disrespectful discussion of another's Culture or Nationality
  • Memes*
  • Self-Promotion: Recruiting or networking for your own games or projects.

Additionally, please observe these general guides and rules:

  • Foul language. Please refrain from using swear words, even in a disguised form. Less offensive curse words will be tolerated, but with discretion and only when deemed necessary by the moderators. Failing to adhere to this rule will result in a kick and possibly a ban.
  • This chat network is English speaking only. Any chatter that repeatedly uses another language (especially with the intent of causing irritation to others), will be kicked and possibly be banned.
  • Flooding and Spamming will not be tolerated. This network's definition of flooding and spamming is overusing any word, letter, number or symbol with the sole intention of disrupting the flow of a chat room. Continued flooding and spamming can result in a permanent ban.
  • The consistent use of CAPITAL letters is also prohibited. Our Air Elemental Chat Bot will blow away your message into the sands.
  • Unsolicited invitations to any other websites/discords are also prohibited and may result in a permanent ban.
  • Any action that results in the disruption of this network will be handled immediately and without leniency. You will be permanently banned. Disruptions include hateful and intentional actions which hinder the safety of other users, verbal abuse, spamming/flooding, any breaking of the above listed banned content, hostility, and not following the moderators (Operators/Ops) instructions. Along with a permanent ban, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may be contacted.
  • Knights of Noromath will not tolerate attempts to ban evade. If you are caught attempting to evade a ban, you may be exterminated from the entire network, a shun, server or network ban, or an extension of a server ban will ensue. If such behavior continues, your ISP will be alerted of your ill-intentioned behavior. THIS WILL BE SEVERELY ENFORCED. The safety of the Knights of Noromath community is our first and only priority.
  • Attempts to steal passwords or to take over channels to serve your own personal goals will also not be tolerated and will result in a permanent ban from the network.
  • Any sort of illegal activity which takes place on Knights of Noromath, for example, pirating or hacking, will result in the network calling your local law enforcement agency and giving them all useful information for prosecution, including all connection logs, all public conversation that has occurred on our chat network, your ISP's contact details and naturally your IP.
  • Slander, libel, and the "smearing" of individuals or other commercial or volunteer entities is expressly prohibited by every Internet Service Provider's Acceptable Use Policies as well as Terms of Service. As you have chosen to connect to our network we possess all the necessary information to report you to your internet provider for these sort of actions.
  • Knights of Noromath encourages the use of creative and expressive nicknames and only asks that they are not offensive or hateful and that you continue to use the same nickname each time you visit. Changing nicknames prevents friendship and trust from occurring. Please refrain from using foul language as part of your nickname.
  • Links to any other site for the purpose of advertising as opposed to helpful information will not be tolerated. It will result in a kick and possible ban from the entire network. DO NOT ADVERTISE ON KNIGHTS OF NOROMATH – PERIOD.
  • Harassment and abuse of Knights of Noromath users will not be tolerated. Harassing or abusing anyone, including users, moderators, or any other staff will result in immediate action. Actions taken will include, kicking, banning or permanent expulsion from the network. The severity of the punishment will depend on the severity of the abuse.
  • Impersonation of any Knights of Noromath administrator or chat room moderator will not be tolerated and will result in a ban, either channel specific or network-wide.
  • While you naturally possess the right to come and go from this server as you please, this is considered the same as not showing up at the table for D&D. DMs may choose to archive characters who have left the table in such a way.

*memes acceptable every first Tuesday of the month.

The list above is not exhaustive, but demonstrative. Moderators will act on other topics that are deemed inappropriate and out of context with the philosophy of Knights of Noromath.

We urge you not to share any personal information and are not responsible for any type of harm caused due to sharing things such as personal e-mail, telephone number and street address. Although most people on the site are here for help and support, there may be untrustworthy people out there who may not have the best intentions. Please proceed with caution.

Private Messaging (PMing) is allowed and encouraged. The rules regarding private messaging are:

  • If you accept any PM, please proceed with caution. Private Messages are just that – private. They will not be moderated.
  • When in a PM, please show respect at all times and do not advertise. It is highly likely the recipient of your PM will report abuse to a moderator.
  • Three complaints of PM abuse will result in a kick and possible permanent ban from the network.

Although abuse during a PM can be difficult to prove, certain actions must be taken if you intend to make a complaint against another user. You must keep a copy of the incident to show a moderator; this may or may not lead to the alleged abuser being banned.

It is expected that each user of Knights of Noromath will make attempts to moderate their own environment before seeking a moderator or network administrator. It is suggested that if you have trouble with another user, you use the Block function. To use the Block feature:

  • Right click on the person's name and select Block

Knights of Noromath will do all it can to protect you, but you must take efforts to protect yourself as well.

Any chat room/channel may have additional rules and conditions than expressed in this document. If a chat room has additional rules you will be alerted of their existence when entering the specific chat room. Always read and adhere to any and all channel specific rules.

If you feel that you were banned from the network in error, please Contact Us directly. Please include the moderator who banned you, your nickname and a written record of the incident which caused the ban. Without that information, nothing can be done. Furthermore, if your correspondence includes hateful, disrespectful language, your communication will be ignored, and your ban will not be lifted. If you gossip and create drama about your ban to other players, your ban will not be lifted.

Knights of Noromath respects the privacy rights of its visitors and recognizes the extreme importance of protecting information. Accordingly, Knights of Noromath's policy is to never disclose any information to a third party unless legally obliged.

Knights of Noromath takes no responsibility whatsoever for opinions expressed or actions taken by users. Knights of Noromath is not liable for how anyone reacts to any content found on this site, its chat rooms or any external links this website hosts.

All sections of this website are used by you (as the user), at your own risk and without liability to us (the provider), in any shape or form. Moreover, Knights of Noromath reserves the right to ban or remove any individual or individuals at will for any reason and at our discretion.

These Terms of Service can and will be changed at will without notice.

Knights of Noromath welcomes everyone over the age of SIXTEEN for respectful and considerate conversation as would help all new visitors to get in-game and experience our classic Forgotten Realms stories in Neverwinter Nights.